Remodeling and Home Design 

Our favorite part of building new custom homes on Long Beach Island is when our homeowners tell us how happy they are. We would like to thank all of our buyers that have shared their Stonehenge Built experiences with others!

We first purchased in LBI in 2010.  We spent several years contemplating whether we should look for a new home with a couple more bedrooms or stay put.  We loved our location in North Beach and after meeting with John and Marian, we were sold on building our dream home.  The process couldn’t have gone smoother. We were done in less than 8 months – 3 weeks ahead of schedule.  It was crazy at times with a lot of decisions to make but the whole Stonehenge team was great keeping us focused and on track. Brett and his crew were always available to answer any questions we had along the way.  The house is beautiful and their attention to quality and detail exceeded our expectations. We look forward to making tons of new memories in our new home.

— The Fleishman Family


This is our second Stonehenge home. When we purchased another lot in Harvey Cedars in 2019 there was no question we were going to use Stonehenge. Not only do we trust their workmanship, expertise and attention to detail - we also value the ability to reach them at a moment’s notice.
Construction projects are never easy and issues will always arise When that happens it’s important to have someone to talk to who can help resolve the issue and do the right thing. For the last 9 years that has been Marian and John. If you are considering building a new home on Long Beach Island  we highly recommend Marian, John and the Stonehenge team!

— The Cama Family


Choosing Stonehenge to build our new home was indeed a great decision. Marian and John were honest and straightforward with us, open to our suggestions, and always very approachable and responsive when we had a question or concern. Their wonderful designer, Debbie, and trusted foreman, Scott, led us through the process step by step, were easy to get in touch with, and quick to respond to any questions that came up. Even when COVID threatened to stop construction, the entire team managed to keep things moving as much as possible, and always keep us in the loop. We highly recommend Stonehenge Builders, and would be happy to work with them again.
Thanks for helping to make this process so pleasant,

— The Weiss Family


Dear Stonehenge Team,
How can we thank you for working with us to design and build our forever home? Your expertise and guidance and adherence to the schedule were key factors in this process. From the moment we met, we knew we found the team who understood what we were looking for. We're excited to live as permanent residents on the island and you all made that dream come true.
Most sincerely,

— The Bashwiner Family


Dear John and Marian:
Our trust in you to build the house of our dreams to replace our 70 year old family beach house was well placed.  Commitment to insuring our vision was realized, attention to detail and quality construction were the hallmarks of the process.  We truly felt that the entire Stonehenge team were our friends and partners.
Thank you for making our home a reality.

— The Feldman Family


Hi Marian,
I just have to tell you what a superhero Scott was for us yesterday as we worked through the consequences of the lightning strike on the house!  Not only did he grab the siding guy from the house he was working on, he got the AC guy from the house he was working on, and then even after the power went out on the north end of the island which was a ridiculous coincidence, he made sure the AC guy came back later to make sure my family was comfortable for the night.  The day was insane and it gave Sarah and Noah great peace of mind to know that Scott was doing all he could to make sure we were safe.

— The Mullin Family


To the Stonehenge Team,

After meeting with John and Marian, we were confident that Stonehenge would be the best builder for our Loveladies home.

Building in a 10 month time period is difficult, to say the least, but they managed it professionally with their dedicated team. Our Stonehenge team members were true partners in our building experience. Debbie personally assisted with all our home selections and followed through with all our material subcontractors. Sharon and Angela organized all our selections and payments to make the whole process go smoothly. Brett and Earl were intricately involved in constructing our home. Not only did they schedule and manage the subcontractors, but they were hands on every step of the way.

We were most impressed with the integrity that John and Marian and their team brought to the home building process.

Thank you for exceeding our expectations in building our new home.

— The Haughey/Reager Family


My wife & I returned to Ship Bottom where we lived 40 plus years ago where our hearts have always

We’ve been in business just over the bridge for that 40 years and know nearly every sub contractor and their helpers that Stonehenge retains. Once retiring we chose to have our Primary residence to be built back on the island.

As a combined effort of our Builder, Architect, homeowner, and builders design team we came up with an island custom home we absolutely love. (Kudos to Robert Stack Architect) Building a long lasting barrier island home is not a job for an amateur or the here today, gone tomorrow contractor after sandy. Stonehenge knows all the important items available to insert into the building plans to be built tough for our punishing environment. John, Marian, and staff explained things in layman’s terms so we could make an educated decision to incorporate important choices now and not wish for later as well as keeping us in budget.

John and Marian holds everyone to their highest standards and expects nothing but 100% from them. With this in mind our dollar was on this company as a no brainer.

Once under way, every job no matter what, will experience a situation regardless of what it may be. We watched John adjust a few items we would never have noticed. He was adamant in the correction, jumped on it immediately and continued on with the project. We thought it would have taken a long time and be a delay but His staff and contractors came in like the A team and didn’t skip a beat. (now that’s service).We were so impressed and it proved our good decision. Not only did we have a building company take us from concept to completion, we gained relationships with the staff as if they are family.

You’ll see the staff is well seasoned, know their job well and have a protocol they all have down to a science. By the way, with the stringent building standards here on the island and the strict compliance to be met, we noticed all the inspectors have excellent relationships with Stonehenge and its contractors and there was never any guesswork. This is where the term WELL SEASONED comes in. Thanks to everyone at Stonehenge Building & Development. You can’t go wrong.

— The Pascale Family


Dreams do come true!

We spent several years evaluating builders on Long Beach Island. We chose
Stonehenge for our new home as they offered the best combination
of quality and affordability. Most importantly they had an exceptional reputation as a reliable, respected and trusted builder.

We were not disappointed. They offered a personal yet professional service with flexibility to meet our needs. John provided due diligence to our plans eliminating shortcomings, offering suggestions and in many cases reducing cost. We were involved and informed on every step of the planning and build process. The Stonehenge group was never more than a phone call away to answer questions and respond to concerns. Communication was prompt and courteous.

The quality of workmanship in our new home is a reflection of the commitment of everyone on the Stonehenge team. High standards are certainly an obvious trademark.

The Stonehenge team became part of our lives for the better part of a year.
Debbie kept us on track with selection of more items than we imagined went into the home building process. Sharon kept the budget, change orders and follow up on work completion on task. Earl was our man in the know. Always on site completing finishing work and fielded a lot of daily questions that would come up. Lastly our project manager Brett truly exemplifies the Stonehenge commitment. He didn’t just build a house, he built our home. We have no doubt that is the way he sees it.

A bike rider stopped by one day and said she had been waiting to see someone home. She said she has lived on the island since 1962. Her comment was as follows “You have built the most beautiful house on the island. From the architecture to the color schemes and the placement on the lot, it is simply stunning.”

We could not agree more.

Thank You to John, Marion, and the entire Stonehenge team.

— The Casey Family


Stonehenge built our home in Loveladies, NJ and they were outstanding to work with from the design phase through the completion of the project.  John, Marian and the Stonehenge Team built a beautiful home that we will enjoy with our family.  We reside in northern New Jersey, approximately 2 hours from the home, and at first, we were concerned that we would not be able to properly supervise the progress of the work.  However, the Stonehenge Team not only made the process efficient, they made it an enjoyable experience for my family.  They had great ideas, they were responsive, honest, committed to quality and they always had our best interests at heart.  If we planned to build another home, there would be no other choice but to use Stonehenge again!

— The Kimble Family

We christened the house (with our presence) around Memorial Day weekend and have enjoyed many relaxing days there already. Sunsets on the roof deck have been a real treat. My daughter said it best, "When I go over the causeway, it's like an aura cleanse." We foresee many fun memories in Harvey Cedars in our future…

— The Murray Family

We still cannot believe how awesome our home is and how much we love it. We are so happy that Stonehenge built our dream!

— Longtime Homeowners The Shanken Family

Thank you so much for all your hard work building our beautiful home!! We could not have picked a better team! You were truly amazing! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine our home to be so amazing! We can't thank you enough!

— The Morris'

We are very pleased with the construction of our new beach home. John and Marian run a very professional team and all are easy to work with. They managed all phases of construction from initial design/plans to demo to final closing. One of the best parts of Stonehenge was our project team. Debbie on interior design (lots of decisions/choices to make), Scott & Rob on construction coordination and Sharon on administration were all very hardworking and really want you to be satisfied. Stonehenge is a quality builder and we highly recommend them.

— Dave & Teresa

Hi Marian,

Hope you are well. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how wonderful Scott was to us when he stopped by to look at our punch list items yesterday. He went above and beyond in helping us as usual. Stonehenge has an amazing team and we are thrilled that we made the right choice.  Have a wonderful weekend. Hope it's a long one for you!  All our best!

 — Joe & Christine

Stonehenge built our new construction vacation home in Holgate, NJ (LBI), as well as assisting with the overall design of the home. With no exaggeration, we give them the highest rating that one can give. They were easily the best we've ever experienced in a builder, and we've built and renovated several homes.

Their work is of the highest quality; they delivered on-time and on-budget, and importantly they were highly communicative throughout the process. They were also very aware and respectful of our unique needs (budget, preferences, etc) and never pushed anything on us that wasn't right for us.

In the end, the proof is in the pudding. We LOVE our new home, and we have Stonehenge to thank for being such a great partner.

John, Marian, Sharon, Deb and the entire team at Stonehenge Builders are top notch.  Giving them a 10 out of 10 is very easy - We'd give 11 out of 10 if we could!

— Lori & Ross

Stonehenge was superb in their presentation, direction and delivery of this home project for me.  Everyone was patient and courteous but kept their focus on deadlines. Because of a personal tragedy, completion of this home became very emotional for me.  Stonehenge went above and beyond to support me through the completion of this home.  And, the final product was absolutely PHENOMENAL !!

— The Giles Family

Thank you Marian, John, Sharon, Scott, Debbie, (hope I didn’t miss anyone) at Stonehenge for building our new house on LBI.
Since we are not local the pictures of the progress were great to see and share with our family.  When we did visit the island during the construction process, our neighbors, who were on the island all said what a great job the builders were doing, professional, methodical and always nice. From beginning to end, Stonehenge’s standards are above and beyond, which you can see from the finished product. Everyone who comes to visit comments on the how beautiful the house is, and the attention that was given to every detail. Thank you Scott, for letting our many family members walk through the house that last week, and for getting us in so we could enjoy some summer on LBI.
We love sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night.

— Sara & Dan

John -

Found one of your business cards on the Barnegat Light post office steps the other day. Serendipity I guess.
It has been eleven years since you built our house. I think it was your first on LBI.  We have not had much reason to talk and our paths have diverged.
The card lead me to your web site.  Looks like you have built a very good business with building houses on LBI. I would see one being built from time to time but certainly was not aware of them all.
You and Marian disserve the success.  You are both very good at what you do.
Our house is still serving us very well.  The "kid magnet" plan is working with our three "kids" and seven grandchildren.  We see quite a lot of them in the Summer.  Although the office/bedroom is definitely a bedroom.
The design and handicap features have worked very well in support of having my elderly parents with us for many Summers.
We still appreciate and benefit from all the ideas that came from you, Marian, Craig and some of the subcontractors, and the execution. There is very little that we would do differently if we were to build the house again today.
The house weathered Hurricane Sandy well. We lost a few roof shingles and several trees. The flood water did not even reach the buildable part of the lot, so we were more fortunate than many. I think being near the inlet let the water out, as opposed to the building up that other places experienced.
The pergola on the second floor deck started to rack in the 80 MPH wind and was about to take to the air.  I tied it down to the ground (with an anchor rope)  to keep it from blowing away.  I subsequently straightened and stiffened it with a couple of 45 degree braces which should help given another hurricane. The trumpet vine has not quite reached the top to help too.
With Sandy and other NE winds, when others are experiencing erosion, our bay beach continues to grow and is well used.
Thanks for building us such a good house.  One that Pat and I and the rest of our family are enjoying.  One that is holding up very well.

— Ken & Pat - High Bar Harbor

Marian & John,
We’d like to thank you once again for helping us to make our dream of owning a house at the beach a reality.  In the two months since we’ve moved in, every guest has commented how well designed and beautiful our home is.  The attention to detail and care that went into its construction is obvious from the minute you walk through the door.
The process of buying a new home can be stressful, but the Stonehenge team truly made the experience enjoyable.  Each and every team member we dealt with was quick to respond and extremely accommodating of all of our requests.  It’s obvious that both of you and the team take great pride in your craftsmanship and customer service. We are not the type of people who give out compliments lightly.  In fact, we are extremely demanding customers.  When we spend money on a product or service, it is our expectation that we receive a quality product and good customer service.  You and the rest of the Stonehenge team went far beyond our expectations and delivered a beautifully built home and great overall experience.
I’d expect that you have a long list of clients who are willing to act as references for new potential customers.  Please feel free to add us to that list!
Warm regards,

— Sonia & John - Brant Beach 

Superstorm Sandy destroyed the first floor of our home on LBI and forced us to make the difficult decision of renovating the standing structure or doing a total demolition and starting over.  In the weeks following the storm we met at least 5 contractors with offices on LBI and were disappointed with each interaction until we met with John and Marian from Stonehenge.    They were the only ones who took the time to review our property prior to the initial meeting and seemed interested in earning our business.  From that initial meeting and throughout the demolition, construction and closing on our new home, the entire Stonehenge team treated us like friends and partners and not like just a homeowner with a house on a construction assembly line.  Marian was there to guide us through each phase of the selections and make the entire process enjoyable to the point where we looked forward to our 2 hour selection meetings.  The communication from their team was exceptional, from Sharon in the office, to Brett the construction manager for our home.  We now look back on the entire process and are extremely grateful, as well as 100% certain, that we picked the absolute best builder on LBI for our home!" 

— Joe

Just wanted to tell you that our whole family enjoyed Fourth of July weekend at the house that Marian and john built.  There was plenty of room for all. It was fun watching everyone get confused when they first came in and didn't know where to go. My washer and dryer in the garage (thank you) are working hard with all the beach towels.  Everyone liked the new and improved outdoor shower. Even I used it!  My favorite things are the screened in porch and all the spa like bathrooms. Makes me want to redo the ones at home. Thanks again for giving us a new and improved house the whole family can enjoy. If only you had control over the weather and the traffic going home.

— The Efros Family

After buying our property on LBI we contracted with Stonehenge to build our house. The experience was great and the finished product exceeded all of our expectations. John and Marian were always available for our many questions and bottom line completed the project in the time frame they committed to.

We would highly recommend Stonehenge to anyone building on LBI.

— Sheila & Kevin Finlay

Gloria and I could not be more pleased with our decision to have the Stonehenge team build our new home on Long Beach Island. John, Marian, Scott and Sharon are an outstanding team to work with. They consistently exceeded our expectations in their delivering a beautiful home with outstanding workmanship and detail.  I give the team tremendous credit for working with Gloria and building her "top of the line" home.

— Ronald & Gloria Mangiacapra

Dear Stonehenge Building & Development,

We were extremely pleased with the entire process of designing and building our new house on Long Beach Island with your company.

We had been in our previous house 22 years until it was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy.

Your team made the process of architectural design and selection of specific items such as cabinets, flooring, windows, etc. easy.

The construction process itself proceeded rapidly and was clearly quality work.  The update photos emailed to us of the house during construction were extremely appreciated.  Our neighbors even commented on the courtesy and the site cleanliness.  The house was completed about a month before we expected and it is exactly as we envisaged it.

We have been using it for several months and we are very pleased and enjoying it immensely!


— Steve & Carolyn Ross

We want to thank you for rebuilding our beach house. The thought of rebuilding our house was very overwhelming - that is until we met you. You took a lot of time to explain the process and alleviated most of our anxieties. We met with two other reputable builders, but your personalities clicked with ours. You were so helpful, patient and responsive to all of our many questions. We were thoroughly impressed with your business plan. Unlike the other contractors, you had an architect (including your expert recommended improvements) make drawings of the house upon which the contract was based so we knew what we were buying and that the contract price would minimize extra work. Your promptness of the quote and contract process and your guarantee to complete the house within six months was the best to achieve our goals. All of this is what lead us to sign the contract with Stonehenge Builders and Developers. AND WE ARE GLAD WE DID!

Your project manager, Scott De Voe, was outstanding. From our very first meeting with him we knew this was going to be a great experience, and it was! Scott was prompt and professional. He listened to what we wanted and our concerns and worked within our parameters of time and budget. Change order and credit amounts for the changes we made were reasonable and fair. Scott responded to all of our numerous telephone calls and emails without hesitation and even sent us pictures so we could see what stage the project was in. Together with your field adjustments to accomplish changes we made, selecting materials, colors and finishes and working with your vendors was a pleasant and nearly painless experience. All of this speaks directly to your good, kind, patient and super personalities which were evident at our first encounter. As to the workmanship, all we can say is kudos to your entire staff for an exceedingly excellent job - we couldn't be any happier. Your entire team worked really hard and, with your personal touches, transformed our little cape into a wonderful six bedroom house that our family is proud of and will enjoy forever. We greatly appreciate the time you, Scott and Sharon spent with us and all that you did for us. We cannot say enough about your honesty, integrity, knowledge, professionalism and workmanship in making our dream come true. It is with pleasure that we highly recommend Stonehenge Builders and Developers!

— Shirley & Bill Wissemann 

STONEHENGE Builders and Developers built our beautiful home in Mystic Island, Little Egg Harbor. From the very first time speaking with them we felt comfortable. They toured us through a new home that was being built in Beach Haven West and it was similar to what we envisioned for our future home. The quality of materials used and workmanship was remarkable. From that point we decided that Stonehenge would be our builder. They were very informative and understood everything we needed to take the first steps in knocking down our existing home and building the home of our dreams. They recommended several demolition contractors that were available and educated us on the process that would take place (ie. disconnecting utilities, storage location for the house contents, permits, variances, etc.). Marian and John were wonderful to work with. Their staff was just as knowledgeable and they informed us on every detail that was in process. They updated us with reports and even went as far as providing pictures of the progress on our home. Our house was built right on schedule. Thinking back on some of the horror stories we heard on homes built by less reputable builders, we were so glad we had Stonehenge build our home. A couple of months after our house was built the devasting hurricane "Sandy" hit The New Jersey shore area. Mystic Island was hit hard however our home weathered the storm suffering minimal damage. We could not believe that Stonehenge came back without being called to check on our home and make sure everything was in order. This speaks to the professionalism and pride Stonehenge has with their customers and their service. Thank you Marian and John for giving us such a beautiful home. We are so lucky to have found you.

— Karen & Steve Tyburczy

Stonehenge is comprised of people with the highest degree of professionalism and care. They went above and beyond on every facet of our new home. They thought of everything and more. It was so much fun to work with them that we were sorry they finished the house a month early because now we miss them.

— Madeline & Dennis Pantzer

After finally purchasing the building lot that we had coveted for over 20 years, we needed a builder that we could trust and afford. After interviewing several builders, we selected Stonehenge Building and Development. We felt comfortable with them from our first meeting. The people at Stonehenge supplied extensive lists of past customers and arranged for us to tour a custom home that they had recently completed, as well as offering addresses of other homes that we might want to "drive by". All questions were answered fully and if they did not have the answer they quickly got it for us. They were patient and we never felt pressured. Stonehenge understood what we were looking for and enabled us to make our dream a reality.Stonehenge competently handled every phase of the planning and construction. Our planning and design meetings with John, Marian, Bobby and the architect were thorough and meaningful. Although we had done some building and "GCing" ourselves, and had a good idea of what we wanted, it was Stonehenge who took our ideas and created a home. We found John and Marian conscientious and meticulous in all phases of the project. Communications were excellent. We knew that we could always contact either Marian or John and if we left a message we received a return call or text promptly. As with all construction projects there were some minor bumps in the road; however, all were handled fairly and to our satisfaction, without Stonehenge ever cutting corners.We believe that quality construction was always Stonehenge's ultimate goal. The finished product is now our "Dream House" that will hopefully be our family gathering place for many years to come. For that we thank Stonehenge Building and Development.

— Cheryl & Tom D'Altrui

It was an exciting time for building our new home. From start to finish it was a joy to completion, with excellence, wonderful knowledge and all done in a timely manner.

 — Richard & Linda Johanson

Stonehenge handled our custom home project with extreme care. All of our concerns were given the utmost importance and their attention to our detailed requests was above and beyond what we would have expected. This level of service was exceptional given the scope of our particular project. We would recommend working with Stonehenge to anyone considering building a new home or business property.

— John & Jennifer Klagholz 

They’re not only very thorough, but sticklers for detail and it shows! Thank you, Stonehenge.

— Mike & Marianne Borrello


I am now looking forward to experiencing the process all over again with my second home. I have complete faith in their integrity. The Stonehenge team worked very hard to make sure I was happy with every aspect of the building process right to the end.

— Lori Campo


I would strongly encourage anyone thinking of building a home consider the benefits of having the highest quality of work from a builder with integrity, honesty and sincerity. We are extremely pleased with the results of your hard work and craftsmanship. We look forward to many years of joy in our new home.

— John, Stacey & Brooke Harrington

 Stonehenge has an outstanding core of people that make them unique. They are professional, understanding. organized and extremely helpful.

— Tim, Michelle, Austin & Sage Sysol


Ted and I are so thrilled with our new home. It is better and nicer than we anticipated, it’s just perfect.

— Ted & Patty Williams


Your staff provides a solid foundation of knowledge and they excel in customer relations. We would like to commend you and your staff on a job well done.

— David & Sheri Witokowski


We are excited to announce that we have once again received the Best In Houzz Service Award for 2018, making it 3 years in a row!

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