Outdoor Living Areas for Entertaining

As a homeowner you take pride in your home and want to show it off to friends and family.  The perfect way to showcase your beautiful home is to entertain and have BBQ’s and dinner parties.  With the summer weather and fall approaching it’s inevitable to have beautiful days and it can be difficult to stay inside.  Turning your backyard into a functional living space will expand your indoor living space to the outdoors.  Creating an outdoor living space not only allows you to enjoy nature with the comforts of the indoors, but increases the value of your home.
Creating a relaxing yet functional outdoor living space requires planning.  What activities do you think you will be doing in your space?  This will help you to decide on the size and layout.  To help your outdoor space feel like a continuation of your home’s interior, you should compliment your home’s architectural design style.  Repeating colors and patterns that you have inside will help create a cohesive look. 
Depending on your budget, your outdoor space can be simple with a patio or deck, grill and a dining table or more elaborate with a fully functioning outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly more popular.  Items you can include in an outdoor kitchen include:
·         BBQ
·         Wood fired pizza oven
·         Countertops for food preparation
·         Sink/wet bar
·         Refrigerator
·         Stovetop
Adding a kitchen to your outdoor space will not only save you time from making trips back and forth between the grill and the indoor stove or refrigerator, but also create a great entertaining area.
You don’t just have to stop at the kitchen for you outdoor space, there are many other elements to create your dream outdoor living space.  They include:
  • Fireplace/fire pit to add warmth and create an inviting space perfect for conversing.
  • Create a living room with amenities such as a TV, surround sound and ceiling fans.  Be sure to select furniture that can be weatherproofed.  This creates a sheltered retreat for guests for when the weather is unpredictable.
  • Outdoor lighting can set the mood and provide safety so that you and your guests don’t trip in the dark.  Lighting can transform your yard into an inviting place to spend time after the sun goes down.
  • Space heaters for when there’s a chill in the air. 
Labor Day is around the corner! Get started on your outdoor living space today and contact Stonehenge.  The sooner it’s complete, the sooner you can entertain your guests! 

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