Feeling Fortunate and Ready To Help LBI

rebuilding after hurricane sandy

Building custom homes on Long Beach Island can be challenging because it takes a builder with specific knowledge and experience with products and techniques that are specific to beachfront construction.  We use building materials that can withstand hurricane force winds, but when weather events have significant affects on the homes we construct there is so much at stake that is out of our control.  Mother Nature’s fury will not be stopped, so we can only hope that those products and techniques will withstand the elements.

When Hurricane Sandy was done with our beloved island, she was not kind.  We responded to our friends, family and homeowners who suffered losses in the best way that we could and have been doing everything we can to help those in need since.  We are feeling fortunate and ready to help LBI, as all of our properties that were under construction in and around Long Beach Island, from Brant Beach to Barnegat Light escaped the flooding and damage that many others experienced.  So the next thing to do after inspecting everything was to figure out a way that we could help those that were not so lucky.  We began helping friends and neighbors with scrapping out their homes and dealing with mold remediation.  Through that work, we were contacted by countless others either through word of mouth, or by approaching us as we were on job sites helping others.  It has been our honor to be able to provide services to those that needed assistance and to help alleviate the pressure that many opportunists have exerted on stricken families during this time.  We have been doing everything we can to keep the costs involved with this kind of work as low as possible.  We were even able to collect $50.00 additional from all those we helped to donate to the Red Cross to help in the effort of Hurricane Sandy Relief.  The outpouring of generosity, even from those who suffered losses, has been humbling and we are continuing our efforts until the help is no longer needed.
Even though we are helping those in need now, we are looking forward to future rebuilding as well.  Believe it or not, next week we expect to be closing on one of our homes in Harvey Cedars, which gives us hope that we can continue building beautiful custom homes on LBI that we have specialized in for the past two decades.  If you or someone you know has been affected by Hurricane Sandy and needs help with rebuilding their home, please contact us today.

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