Home Building Trends for 2013

homebuilding trends for 2013
As custom home builders on LBI we try to stay on top of the trends and truthfully, many of the features and design trends listed for 2013 have been part of our custom home building trends for the past few years.  But if you have been off the market for a while and are now considering building a custom home or are rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, this list will help bring to light some of the home building trends for 2013 including features and design styles that you may want to consider before you start.
For kitchens in 2013 designers seem to agree the more storage, the better.  From walk-in pantries and built-in storage everywhere you can squeeze it, today’s families are looking for more space to keep the things they need handy, yet out of sight.  In addition, contrasting cabinets and multiple finishes of cabinets create interest and depth that can range from light and bright to dramatic depending on how you blend the finishes.  Another great trend for 2013 in the kitchen is built-in banquette seating that features storage below to maximize your space and offer a comfortable well designed intimate seating area.  Open plans have always been the trend, but when you combine them with oversized islands, peninsula cabinets or serving bars the hostess has access to guests and family members while preparing meals, snacks or drinks.
In 2013, baths seem to continue to head in the direction of eco-friendly finishes and nature-influenced design.  Water saving faucets and shower roses are a natural choice for the “green” trend and can help homeowners save money at the same time.  From color to materials, nature continues to inspire design and function in our bathrooms for 2013.  Stone countertops like quartz and granite are huge this year and wood, particularly raw woods, are used for cabinets and vanities.  Faux wood ceramic tiles for flooring are popular with homeowners who are looking for the warmth of wood with the durability of a tile.  Graphics for accessories and wallpapers are trending toward nature as well.  Rocks, foliage, landscape scenes and ocean materials such as seashells and driftwood feature prominently for finishing touches.
Interior Design
Believe it or not, 2013 sees the re-emergence of elegant and graceful designs for everything from wallpaper to pillows and linens the emphasis for 2013 is on art and wall graphics.  For paint colors, everything bright and bold is what you will see more of this year.  From primary blues and reds to orange and yellow, colors are becoming more outspoken and inspired.  Lastly, eclectic choices of furniture from the classics to modern will be mixed and matched to create interest and diversity throughout the home.
Outdoor living spaces continue to dominate the trends for 2013.  From fireplaces and fire pits to saunas and spill-over spas, families are spending much more time outside their homes than ever before.  Patios, screened in porches and outdoor kitchens are making it possible to entertain outdoors in a much more refined way, allowing hosts to spend more time with guests instead of running in and out of the house.  When living at the beach, outdoor showers and cabanas add to the overall outdoor experience for both guests and homeowners.  Of course, decks are a must on any home, including multi-level decks for a variety of entertaining options.  One of the biggest trends for 2013 is a resurgence of vegetable gardens in all varieties.  From deck pot gardens to full-scale fenced in garden or raised garden, homeowners are finding that vegetable and herb gardens are not a thing of the past.  There’s nothing like a fresh grown Jersey tomato in the summer!
Before you draw up your plans, speak to your builder about many of the products, materials and design trends for 2013 so that they can advise you as to the best possible choices for your home.  If you are not sure where to start, contactStonehenge Building and Development today and we will help you take that first step!

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