Beat the Heat – Water Features that Rock

water features for custom homes
The heat and humidity just keep coming here at the Jersey Shore, but nothing cools better than the feel of the salt water on your skin and the ocean breezes through your hair.  Not only can water features provide that cooling affect for hot summer weather, but they can add beauty and tranquility to you outdoor spaces as well.  We have some great suggestions for water features to make your custom home at the Jersey shore to transform your backyard into the ideal oasis.
Waterfalls for the Back Yard
Nothing creates a tranquil setting quite like an outdoor waterfall.  The sound of the water spilling and splashing can take your ho-hum gardens and landscape to a flowing, living, breathing space to relax at the end of a busy day.  Utilizing a variety of materials like metals, wood and stone can provide a theme to fit any landscape design.
Spill Over Spas and Whirlpools
A spill over spa or whirlpool is the perfect complement to any deck or pool.  While you are relaxing in a warm, therapeutic spa, your friends or kids can be splashing away and swimming beside you in the pool.  Spill over spas have special pumps and plumbing that allow them to circulate pool water.  They constantly fill up with pool water, which then falls via the spillover channel to your pool.  Spill over spas and whirlpools work beautifully with flagstone or decorative decking.
Fire and Water
Adding a water feature to your fire pit combines two of natures most beautiful and destructive elements to create one awe-inspiring backyard feature that will become the focal point of your outdoor entertaining areas.  There are many ways to incorporate waterfalls and fountains to your gas fire pit, so be sure to consult with your landscape architect or builder to discuss how you can incorporate this unique idea to your custom home landscaping.
Landscape Fountains
Landscaping is a great asset to your custom beach home. Not only does it give the finishing touches to your home, but it can also aid in keeping you cool in the shade.  Adding landscape fountains to your design can give you the calm, bubbly sound of running water and can also give off the feeling of being cooler just because it’s flowing over with water.  There are many residential landscape fountains that can be incorporated into your design, whether it’s in the front or the back of your home depends on your space, landscape design and preferences.

It’s important when you are planning to build your home that you also consider the exterior features and elements that you would like to incorporate into the overall design, particularly when you are building a custom home on Long Beach Island.  With the limited space on most properties along the island planning ahead with your builder can ensure that everything has a place and there’s a place for everything.  Stonehenge Building and Development has been building custom homes on Long Beach Island, as well as on the mainland in Stafford Township and Beach Haven West for over two decades.  We can help you plan your custom home, as well as any exterior features you have in mind from concept through completion. Contact us today for more details or to get started.

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