Why A Site Manager Is Critical to the Completion of Your New Custom Home

Custom home long beach islandOftentimes we are asked by potential homebuyers, “What makes your company different, or special?” This is a great question that any homebuyer should ask the builder they are considering contracting to builder their new custom home. One of the best answers we can give is, “Our team!” It’s important to know who the people are “behind the scenes” handling every aspect of your new home construction project. One member of the team that every buyer needs to be acquainted is his or her site manager. While each and every person who works for your builder is an integral part of the process, the site manager is in the trenches every day. We would like to share with you why a site manager is critical to the completion of your new custom home.

An Important Liaison Between The Field and The Office

Having someone who is onsite and relaying important information, like project status to the office is imperative in communicating for scheduling of materials and timing of contractors doing the work. Without the site manager taking charge and making all the time-sensitive contacts to keep construction rolling, your home could find itself on the slow track to completion.

Managing The Trades Is A Full Time Job

During the course of construction, your new custom home will have many different contractors and workers building, installing, coming, and going. Without a site manager to keep track of all of the activities inside (and outside) your home during construction there would be no one to answer contractor questions, clarify products, verify materials, or confirm the choices you have made for installation in your home. Proper management of the subcontractors and trades working on your home is integral to superior quality construction and a beautifully completed custom home.

The Devil Is In the Details

Your site manager is there to make sure your home is perfect when it’s completed. They are the person who makes sure your flooring is protected during the finishing stages. They are the person checking behind each and every contractor working on your home to ensure everything is correct and properly built from start to finish. They are also the person who can make sure things are made right, if by chance something does go wrong. Your site manager is responsible for so many important, detail oriented functions throughout the construction of your home.

Stonehenge Building & Development has been building custom homes on Long Beach Island, and throughout southern Ocean County, for over 20 years. Our entire team is dedicated to providing the best built homes for our clients. Our site managers take extra care with your home, whether it’s putting down sheets of floor protection for your carpet or hardwood, or securing the site at the end of each day. We invite you to join our list of happy homeowners! For more information on building a custom home on Long Beach Island, contact us today.

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