The Importance of the Punch-Out Process in a New Custom Home

custom builder lbiMany custom builders offer their homebuyers the opportunity for “walk-through” meetings during the construction process. One of the most important of those meetings is the pre-closing walk-through, which can take from 1-3 hours, and provides the buyer an opportunity to ensure their home is in perfect condition prior to closing. Before this important walk-through your builder will perform what is known as a punch-out process, or their internal inspection that makes sure everything in your new home is correct, functioning properly, and in perfect condition. There importance of the punch-out process in a new custom home is critical for both the builder and the homebuyer.

One of the items on a punch-out process is a final paint touch up before closing. The project superintendent may walk through the home with the painter to identify any areas that need to be touched up so that all the walls and moldings in the home are in good condition and ready for the homeowner to move in.

Testing the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical in the home to ensure there are no last minute adjustments needed to these critical systems will help avoid any problems after the buyer moves. While these items have all been through a variety of builder and township code inspections throughout the construction process, having a final punch-out inspection ensures everything is in working order before closing.

Other finishes like countertops, cabinets, hardware, mirrors, flooring, and fixtures are inspected during pre-closing punch-out to confirm all of the selections are correct, and in perfect condition, ready for closing. And lastly, a final cleaning of the home from top to bottom is the last step in the building process and provides a 100% complete, move-in ready home prior to closing.

Stonehenge Building & Development goes the extra mile when it comes to the punch-out process in every home we build. Our goal is to provide superb quality construction, and an on-time completion for all of our homebuyers. We have been building custom homes on Long Beach Island for over 25 years and have established a reputation for exemplary craftsmanship. For more information on getting started contact us today, or visit our website to review our LBI house plans.

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