Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Custom LBI Home

outdoor living spaces custom homesLast week’s weather at the Jersey shore really felt like an early summer, which is why we are so excited to be designing and building homes on Long Beach Island in anticipation of the summer season.  Nothing gets our creativity flowing like the warmer weather. If anything it makes us anticipate summer all the more, and dream of our LBI homes. So, we’ve compiled a list of must-have outdoor living spaces for your custom LBI home to keep you relaxed and comfortable through all the seasons.  Here are our top picks for outdoor living spaces for your custom LBI home.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens continue to be one of the biggest outdoor trends.  It can be as simple as a grill or as elaborate as a fully functional kitchen with a sink, beer station, countertops, pizza oven and refrigerator.  Entertaining in your outdoor kitchen is a breeze and allows the host to engage their guests while preparing meals, drinks or snacks.  Outdoor kitchens have really become popular as they appeal to individuals who enjoy the outdoor/indoor living style. It is the sense that the inside is now outside and really helps to enjoy that beautiful summer weather.

Outdoor living rooms and screened porches

Going hand in hand with the outdoor kitchen, outdoor living rooms and screened porches are popular additions to a custom home design.  These extensions of your indoor space think beyond terraces and decks and offer better furnishings and can be combined with your fire pit or fireplace to create a warm, cozy relaxing oasis.  Some homeowners even use curtains to define the space and include luxuries such as TV’s and outdoor entertainment centers for added luxury. Imagine sipping cocktails with friends and family as you relax and enjoy your outdoor living area with all the same comforts as the indoors.

Fire pits and fireplacesoutdoor firepit custom homes on lbi

Before you start flashing back to camping and the horrible fires you sat around as a kid, let us tell you that fire pits and fire places have come a long way and are now a must have in outdoor living. Often they feature areas to place drinks, stacks to take away unwanted smoke and soot, and create an ambiance. There is nothing more romantic than sitting around a fire pit on a summer evening. They are also great for entertaining large groups. By providing warmth on those cooler summer nights and an intimate setting for guests to converse by, a fire pit or fireplace can really tie together your outdoor living areas.

Dining Area 

By adding a beautiful formal dining area to your outdoor living space, you are now elevating the area and bringing in sophistication and elegance that not everyone has. These areas are great for garden parties and more formal outdoor events, but can also be fantastic for hosting large family dinners. Instead of gathering everyone into the dining room inside on a beautiful summer day, outdoor dining areas allow for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. Often dining areas feature some type of cover, either a pergola or a light sun shade. You can even make them more cozy and intimate by adding curtains, much like the living room, to define the space.

With all of these outdoor living tips and tricks to enjoying summer, there’s no wonder why outdoor/indoor living has become such a popular trend! Explore our home designs and contact us for details on how you can get in on the action now!

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