How to Design & Build the Perfect Custom Home on Long Beach Island

custom home designs lbiIt’s 2017 and if there is one thing we know; this is the perfect time to commit to building your custom home on Long Beach Island. With interest rates remaining low, prime properties available for purchase, and the busy summer in the not-so-distant future, there’s no time like the present to start your design. But the question always comes up when we work with our homebuilding clients, how do I know I’m designing the right home for my family? What do I need to know to make it perfect? Will I get to sit with an architect to design my dream home? Well, here’s our advice on how to design & build the perfect custom home on Long Beach Island.

Location, Location, Location

With any real estate, and especially vacation or second home properties, it’s all about the location. LBI, is a great place to build a custom home because it has a varied choice of property types, from ocean front to lagoon locations and everything in between. One of the things to consider is does your family enjoy doing? Are they all about the sun, sand, and surf? Or are you more of a boating, personal watercraft, fishing type of family? In addition, you need to consider what properties are available in the specific town you are hoping to build your home and if they meet your desired criteria. Lot size, and existing structures on the property can play a role in the location you choose. Our best advice is to consult a realtor who lives and works on LBI to help you narrow down choices, and make your final selection.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

For many of our homebuyers, they are building a second, or vacation, home on LBI and are looking for amenities inside the home that they may not have in their existing home. Or, they are moving up (or down) and have very specific ideas about what they want in their new home. Certainly, budgets can come into play, but our recommendation is to prioritize the must-haves from the nice-to-haves to help you decide what materials, products, and design styles you will add to your home. Things like space, plumbing, electrical, and exterior materials are difficult and costly to add or change later, so if you want a certain square foots, number of rooms, or a specific number of baths, design your home with those needs in mind. Things that are cosmetic, like cabinets, flooring, and wall coverings are nice to have, but less of a hassle to do later. Be sure to talk to your builder and meet with their design staff to share your ideas, discuss your wish list, and make selections for your home. You can always use an online platform like Houzz for design and product ideas or visit our portfolio of homes for some inspiration.

Like Indiana Jones, Choose Wisely

Selecting your builder is the number one, most important part of designing and building your new home. You can check out our blog on how to choose the right builder for your home here, but some things to look for in a new home builder are reputation. Without a doubt, especially on LBI, there are a lot of builders. Some of them are established, long-time companies that are invested in the community, known by the townships they build in, and can provide references. Others, can be fly-by-night operations that have no ties to the area, which can make your build difficult. Be sure to research the builder thoroughly and read reviews, check with your township, and talk to people about your choices. You can also check a builder’s status with the New Jersey Builders Association, National Association of Homebuilders, the Better Business Bureau, local attorneys, and Banks. This decision can make or break your new custom home building process, so make sure you choose the right builder for your home.

Stonehenge Building & Development has been a part of the Long Beach Island Building community for more than a decade. You can read more about our company here, but our team is waiting to help you make the right choices for your new custom home on LBI. Our homebuilding clients are more than just that – they become part of our family. If you are thinking of building a home on Long Beach Island, our offices in Harvey Cedars or Manahawkin are ready to help! Take a look at some of our LBI building plans or contact us for more information.

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