Interesting Ideas for New Custom Homes in 2017

Interesting Ideas for New Custom Homes in 2017It’s March already, and we realized that we haven’t given you the latest and greatest on new custom home trends for this year! One of the things we look forward to at the beginning of each year is finding out what products, styles, and designs are the ones to keep an eye on, and we found some really interesting ideas for new custom homes in 2017.

Brass is back

But, not shiny brass, over the past few years a modernized version of everyone’s favorite from the 90’s is coming back in satin! If you plan on doing some brass fixtures in your new custom home, don’t choose the shiny reflective finish of days gone by, designers are loving a satin or brushed brass, which quite frankly, gives the satin and brushed stainless look a run for its money this year!

Technology is more interactive than ever before

If you don’t have time to make a list, research a product, or look stuff up, then you need a voice assistant in your new custom home. From Amazon’s Alexa to Google Home’s voice assistant, there are many choices to make your home work for you for once! These systems can now integrate with smart home technology from companies like Lutron, Phillips Hue, Honeywell, Nest, and Samsung Smart Home to name a few. While this type of interactive home technology is relatively new and evolving, for those that love to be ahead of the trends, this is one to ask your builder about.

Vintage, yet new

Many homebuyers are looking for more vintage styles when it comes to vanities for the bathrooms, rather than the standard cabinet styles that are available for kitchens or baths. With the ability to create a more romantic, relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom, vintage consoles, chests of drawers, and other types of cabinets are being converted into unique vanities for custom baths. So, the trend is to think “outside of the box” for your bath vanities.

Let’s Talk About Color

White is no longer white, and white on white, is just too stark. If you love the clean look of a white room, consider following the trend of pairing white with off-white. From creamy off-white tones to linen, and eggshell, you can create a beautiful, clean look with soft undertones by combining white tones. This trend is perfect for any room, from bed to bath, or even kitchens.

Speaking of kitchens

Cabinet trends are more about less. Believe it or not, many custom home buyers are choosing to nix their upper cabinets for a more open, less boxy look by using open shelving. Of course, you need to be very confident that you can keep your shelves organized and tidy, but if you just don’t want to have that boxed-in look of lots of cabinets, open shelving or a wall of storage may be just the trend for you!

Because laundry needs some room too

Many homebuyers are opting to spend some money in the laundry room to include better storage, more light, and increased functionality of this important, catch-all room. Details like tile flooring, stacked appliances to optimize space, and some cabinetry for organization can turn a cluttered mess into the perfect space to keep your family going.

These are just some of the incredible trends, that no doubt, will be continuing to evolve for years to come. When you are ready to build your custom home on Long Beach Island, Stonehenge Building & Development’s team can help guide you through the design process so that you can be sure all the latest technology, options, and features you need are included in your new custom home. For more information on building a new home on Long Beach Island, contact us today!



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