Signs You’re Ready to Build Your New Custom Home

Signs You’re Ready to Build Your New Custom Home Looking for a new home comes with its own hosts of challenges and sense of excitement. And we are sure you have your wish lists on hand and ready to go. With that said, we also know that sometimes the homes on the market don’t always have everything you want already in them. And rather than buying a fixer upper, which may lead to unexpected surprises, or probably won’t conform to the new flood hazard requirements (which can lead to very high flood insurance premiums), why not build a new custom home? A custom home is a great way to ensure you get everything on your wish list, and if you still aren’t sure about a new home, here are a few signs you’re ready to build your new custom home.

Nothing is meeting your expectations/wants and needs.

It seems like every home you look at is missing something. Whether it’s missing an open concept or lacks a pool or man cave, it seems like every home is a compromise. And really who wants to compromise? If you are willing to make the investment, the home better have everything you need and want. And we get that, but realistically most homes aren’t going to have absolutely everything you need, at least not without some work. Which is why this could be a sign that you are ready to build a custom home rather than settle for resale.

Everything seems old. Every home you look at is in need of upgrades.

Perhaps it’s the windows, or the appliances, or maybe even the air conditioning system. Regardless of what needs to be fixed, this is an energy efficiency problem that can crop up when purchasing an existing home. And it is concerning to many home buyers. However, building a custom allows you to choose more energy efficient products and systems, so you don’t have to worry about things like the HVAC, electrical, insulation, and plumbing.

You’re concerned about “surprises”.

We’ve all seen the shows on HGTV, and we all know that those few “small” projects that become big projects with major issues in seconds. You think you’re simply knocking out a wall to get that open concept you want, but in reality that wall is load bearing and now the price of the open concept has drastically increased. Or perhaps you’re simply putting in a new toilet and discover major plumbing issues, or even worse, a home inspection reveals mold or termites. All of these issues are massive, and ones that home buyers frequently worry about. But once again with a new custom home, this is not an issue. Everything is brand new, up to code and installed properly, with a limited home warranty, so there are no surprises to find along the way.

You can’t seem to pick a house.

It doesn’t matter what the house looks like or the location or if it meets all of your wish list items, something just isn’t right. Every home you look at falls short in some way. You may have several viable options, but none of them feel right, none of them feel like home. This is definitely a sign that building a new custom home is for you. Sometimes the perfect home of your dreams is one that doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t mean it can’t exist. And in instances like this where no home seems to feel right, custom homes are the best option.

The team at Stonehenge Building and Development knows that home is where the heart is, which is why it is so important that your home is exactly what you want. It is where your family comes to relax, eat, sleep, and spend time together. It is the most important space in your life, which is why we specialize in making those dream homes reality. So if you think you’re exhibiting signs of wanting to build a custom home, contact us today to get started on your new custom home on Long Beach Island.

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