Trends in Tile for Custom Homes in 2018

Trends in Tile for Custom Homes in 2018We have no doubt that tile is, and always will be, an integral part of the interior design for custom homes on LBI. But, like everything else, trends change and styles come and go. So, how do you know what to choose for your new custom home? Many builders on LBI have standard selections to choose from, but we have an in-house design coordinator that can help you make smart, stylish tile selections that will keep your home at the top of the trends. Here are some of our favorite trends in tile for custom homes in 2018.

Reclaimed wood effect

This is one of the hottest trends we are finding for this year (and probably next as well). Reclaimed wood in general is a hot trend (think shiplap), but applying different colors, textures, and wood tones to a tile product gives homeowners the ability to achieve the character and sense of history without the high cost or maintenance of actual reclaimed wood. We give this trend in tile a thumbs up!

Natural materials

From floral designs and botanical patterns to rocks and stones, tiles with more nature-inspired shapes, colors, and styles are very popular. Keeping in with the reclaimed wood-look effects, some of our customer favorites are pebbles and stones, particularly for shower and tub areas. Even if that is not your style, keeping your tile colors very earthy in tones of reds, browns, golds, and greens, you can achieve a very “natural”, fresh look for any room in your home.

Multi-sized layouts

We’ve been doing this for years in our custom homes, but the trend is continuing and it doesn’t appear to be subsiding anytime soon. By using various sized tiles in the same texture and color family (or sometimes same texture and different colors) designers are creating interesting patterns, which is beautiful especially in larger spaces. With most of the homes we build on LBI being open concept, this can be a great way to keep the space flowing and show some personality, especially with stone effect tiles.

Industrial look

Sometimes going hand-in-hand with the reclaimed wood effect, industrial looking tiles emulate concrete, brick, and stone for a more factorial look. Although concrete floors and countertops are very in, from a tile perspective it is sometimes not feasible to use these materials in construction, so what better way to achieve the design style than with a concrete or industrial tile? Paired with pendant lights, varying metal tones in furniture and accessories, and you will achieve a sleek, modernized version of this trend.

We are convinced that tile will always be an important building material for anyone building a house on LBI. As a custom homebuilder with locations in Harvey Cedars and Manahawkin, we’ve had the pleasure of building hundreds of homes on Long Beach Island and on the mainland. We’ve seen styles come and go, but we can honestly say that these trends in tile for custom homes in 2018 get better and better! If you are looking to build a new custom home on Long Beach Island, we would be happy to give you some additional tips and advice. Contact us today for more information or view our house plans here.

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