2019 Design Ideas for Custom Homes on LBI

2019 Design Ideas for Custom Homes on LBI

It’s hard to believe that we are almost through the winter and spring is right around the corner! Every year we like to share what the newest design ideas for custom homes on Long Beach Island will be. Building a custom home is a process, and we are ready to get you started so you can enjoy all that the LBI life offers next year. Everyone agrees that the best part of building a new custom home is picking out all the materials and finishes! There are many design trends for custom homes this year, so we wanted to share with you some of our favorite 2019 design ideas for custom homes on LBI. 

Choosing Nature

For 2019 designers agree that choosing more natural, organic materials such as wood floors, stone, and bamboo are a huge design trend, as well as maximizing daylight where ever possible. We expect that these trends will continue beyond this year. It’s called Biophilia, which is the relationship between humankind and nature and the connections between the two. Long Beach Island is such a special place when it comes to connecting with nature. We feel this trend has always been “in” down here.

Back to the Eighties

Primary colors and bold shapes are coming back in a big way. Some designers refer to this as Memphis design, where straight and rigid finishes are out and curving, comfort is in. So, if you love a pop of color, we’re going to say you may love this design idea. Typically, in homes on LBI, our buyers tend to gravitate toward more subtle, seashore tones. It will be interesting to see if this is a more regional design trend, or if it will show up on LBI this year!


We’ve been seeing this trend already, but boldly patterned and colored backsplashes are trending big for 2019. (Maybe we just answered the question from above!) Gone are the days of the all-white or monochromatic kitchen. We are seeing more color, particularly with backsplashes, which is a great place to personalize your space and make it pop. In addition, cabinets of varying colors are continuing to trend this year. People are choosing bright blues, dark grays, and even sunny yellows! Concealed storage is also huge, and the more the better. But if a wall of cabinets for storage in the kitchen isn’t your thing, consider replacing your upper cabinets with open shelving instead. As for your facets and fixtures, gunmetal and pewter are two colors to watch for.


It’s no surprise that gunmetal and pewter hardware are also trending in bathroom design for 2019 since it’s mentioned in kitchens, above. What is interesting is that exposed shower plumbing is also “a thing” for 2019. It provides a more industrial look and can be a great compliment to the softer tones of marble tiles. Spa-like designs are still hot for master baths. Creating an at-home-spa feeling is essential for many homeowners to relax, unplug, and unwind. For powder rooms, statement walls and drama are all the rage now. Even the smallest of powder rooms can have an accent wall or a bright bold paint color (like black) to make it modern.

The right design ideas for your home are all about what works for your family. From the inside to the outside, your new custom home on LBI should be a place of style, comfort and function.  As a long-time builder on Long Beach Island, Stonehenge Building & Development has constructed countless homes on the island and the main land for over two decades.  We can provide home plans or build from yours. Our construction experience in towns along LBI like Harvey Cedars, Loveladies, Brant Beach, Surf City, and Ship Bottom to name a few, enables us to take you through the process of building a custom home without the hassle of a learning curve.  If you are considering building a new custom home on LBI or a neighboring town, contact us today for more information.   

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