Must Have Pet Features for Your New Custom Home on LBI

Must Have Pet Features for Your New Custom Home on LBI

At Stonehenge Building & Development, we know that family often includes our furry friends too, so you may be wondering: how can I make my custom home on LBI “home” for my pet too? Luckily for you, we have over two decades of experience working with custom home buyers and are constantly learning and incorporating ways to make your new home comfortable for everyone, including Fido. Here’s our top must have pet features for your new custom home on LBI.

Pet Suites

The latest in new home must-haves for pets, “pet suites” are areas of the home dedicated to your pet’s needs. Many pet suites include a washing station and pet dryer to make bath time easier for everyone. With added bonuses such as an automated pet food dispenser and a door leading out to a puppy run, there’s no limit to what a pet suite can mean for your pet. While many of these ideas are well-suited for any pupper, pet suites are meant to be about your pet, and we’re dedicated to working with our homebuyers to ensure that every detail is well-suited to them and their family’s needs.


Many pets, from cats to dogs and every pet in between can benefit from windows. Whether they choose to look at the world outside or lounge in the sun streaming in, windows are a great way to make your pet feel at home in your new custom home on LBI. As a custom builder on LBI, we’ve always spent a good deal of time optimizing views and providing our homeowners with top to bottom windows in their custom homes, but recently we’ve had some focus on incorporating pet-friendly window configurations. Some pet owners are opting for placing windows near the bottom of their doors so their pets can better see outside, providing them with hours of entertainment… and easy access to sunlight!

Ways to Play

From outdoor dog runs to built-in obstacle courses for your cat, there’s plenty of ways to incorporate playthings into your new custom home for your pet to keep them active. Outdoor areas specifically designed around your pet’s needs can include everything from pet-safe artificial grass to showers to make hosing off before heading in for the day easier on you and your pet. Installing ledges and places to sit for your cat to climb and jump to or from can make life easier — and give your kitty a place of their own, eliminating boredom and encouraging a healthier lifestyle by keeping them active!

So, you see, there ares a lot of ways to make your new custom home on LBI feel like “home” for your cat or dog too! As an LBI custom builder for over two decades, Stonehenge Building & Development is here to make sure everyone in your family can enjoy your new home. We’re also here to help make the whole process easier, so whether you already have a lot purchased or have a few questions before we help you build your dream home, contact us, or visit to learn more about how we can make your dream home a reality.

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