LBI Builder Recommends These Windows for Your LBI Custom Home

Hot Features for LBI Custom Homes

As an LBI custom home builder for nearly three decades, our team at Stonehenge has had the pleasure of bringing our homebuyers’ dreams to life. Thanks to our years of experience building custom homes on LBI, we know all the ins and outs of every step of the process, right down to what brands and manufacturers we trust for all things involved in our homes. From design finishes to flooring to windows, our team of building professionals work diligently to keep up with current industry standards and are constantly seeking the best of the best products to use in our custom homes.

While it may not be the most glamorous part of building a house on LBI, choosing the right windows is one of the most important aspects of our home designs, and not only to just to capture the stunning views of our beautiful Jersey shore! Windows help with the efficiency of your home, and can aid in keeping costs down when it comes to your heating and cooling bills. Alongside proper insulation, windows are more than maximizing the views of the picturesque outside world, which is why we highly recommend Anderson windows to our clients when it’s time to choose the right windows for their home. Tried and true, their 400 series windows are our go-to when building a house on LBI.

No matter how big or small the decision may seem, every detail matters when it comes to building a house on LBI. That’s why our team is available to answer all your questions throughout the entire process, whether it’s a design question or a construction inquiry, we pride ourselves on our homeowner support. At Stonehenge, it’s important for us to keep our homeowners up-to-date and informed through every step of the custom home building process. Whether you’re ready to get started today, or have a few questions before you’re ready to build your dream home, you can contact us today or visit us at to learn more about our company, our process, and our homes.

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