2023 Custom Home Trends for LBI

2023 custom home trends for LBI

Every year, our team scours the interior design and home décor industry for the latest trends so we can offer them to our custom home clients on LBI. From the Color of the Year to bold stripes that add contrast to any design to revamped kitchen concepts, here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 custom home trends for LBI:

Colors and Palettes for the New Year

Depending on your preferred brand of paint, the Color of the Year may vary, but according to our research, red is in. Pantone’s Color of the Year is a bold and deep shade of red called Viva Magenta. Like most of the colors on Better Homes & Garden’s Color of the Year round-up, Viva Magenta is rooted in nature—a theme our design team found to be reoccurring throughout this year’s interior design trends. While many of 2023’s colors are either a deep or light shade of red, blues and greens are also on trend to be very popular this year. Natural palettes are expected to triumph over neutral palettes as people look toward creating comfortable, cozy, and warm spaces within the home.

The Heart of the Home: Kitchens

Blue cabinets, green cabinets, and open shelves are just a few of the design trends our team is looking forward to continuing in 2023. We’re excited to see how our clients will incorporate these trends in their custom homes on LBI, especially as blues and greens work so well in a beach house! From deep blue cabinetry to natural stone slabs, kitchens are seeing a touch of nostalgia with a sleek, modern design. Waterfall or wrap-around stone countertops not only add a statement to your kitchen, but they also incorporate a natural element that evokes the calm and grounding appeal of the outdoors. Rustic modernism and elegant farmhouse designs are both huge trends this year, as they incorporate natural elements and function to any kitchen design, like workstation sinks and commercial style faucets to help you tackle home cooking like a 5-star chef without ever leaving your LBI custom home!

What we’ve learned from the 2023 design trends is to not be afraid of color. Bold cabinet colors can help tie in a stone backsplash, bringing out the natural veins in whichever quartz you pick or to help accentuate the color of your backsplash. Open shelves rather than upper cabinets can help make your kitchen feel open, especially as experts suggest we may be seeing more enclosed kitchens that aren’t connected to an open living space (perhaps there were too many cooks in the kitchen with an open concept design?) No matter what your design preferences are, we know that the main function of a kitchen is…function! So no matter what 2023 design trend you want to try out, our team will be sure to help you create a design that is both stylish and functional!

Living Spaces

Shifting away from the stark palettes of yesteryear, 2023 is seeing an uptick in warm neutrals, cozy grays, and natural tones. Gone are the days of brushed nickel finishes, for warmer tones such as gold and bronze are all the rage this year. High gloss wood finishes are also popular this year, as they not only add an upscale accent to any design, but again bring the outdoors in through the use of natural materials. Overstuffed, comfortable furniture and plenty of seating is highly recommended this year so you can enjoy your space and host any parties in the comfort of your custom home on LBI.

Arches may also see an uptick in popularity, as they evoke an old-world, timeless design element while also softening interiors. Like last year, this year’s design trends devote a lot of focus to creating cozy, comfortable, and inviting spaces that allow you to relax and feel a sense of calm, serenity, and happiness. Through the use of natural finishes and materials, homeowners can bring a piece of the outdoors inside to help ground them and feel overall happier. Playing off of the natural materials and finishes, lots of light can not only help brighten spaces, but contrast bold design choices such deep colors (we see you, Viva Magenta!) or an accent rug that completes the whole look of your living space.

Another key aspect of 2023, is creating specific spaces centered around your enjoyment. Whether that space is a library, a music room to house your extensive vinyl collection or jam out with your band, or a craft room to get in touch with your artistic side, our team is dedicated to focusing on your needs as we help you design your custom home on LBI.


As in recent years, bathrooms have become the focal point of self-care and 2023 is building on that trend. Luxurious spa baths and curb-less showers with flooring that carries throughout the whole bathroom are a popular trend our design team is excited to explore this year! Imagine soaking your cares away in a deep freestanding tub with a view of a picturesque shore town in your very own custom home on LBI. We might be a little biased, but we can’t imagine anything better!

Like the kitchen and living space, our team can carry those high gloss wood finishes or warm-toned finishes like gold hardware and faucets to not only create a cohesive design that flows throughout your home, but also to carve out a little piece of paradise for yourself when you just want to let the world melt away for a moment or two.

Are you ready to design your custom home on LBI? We’re ready to help you, from concept, to design, and through the building process to the finishing touches, our team is waiting to get started on your dream home. Visit us at StonehengeBuilt.com or contact us today.

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