Location, Location, Location!Things to Consider Before Building Your Custom Home on LBI

Building Your Custom Home on LBI

When it comes to real estate, there are three factors that make all the difference for homebuyers and sellers alike: location, location, and location. As an LBI builder for nearly three decades, we like to think we know something about why people choose to build a custom home on LBI. For one, you can’t get any closer to the beach than the Island. Secondly, our shore towns and beaches are some of the most picturesque at the Jersey shore, and possibly on the East Coast. But most of all, LBI provides the best of paradise, recreation, and community. With so many great reasons to choose LBI, we know that there are a lot things to consider before building your custom home on LBI which is why our team at Stonehenge Building & Development has made a handy guide explaining the key differences between two of the most popular lot options on LBI to help you make the best decision for you and you family’s dream home.

Living on the Bay

Bay front homes offer the convenience of being able to step outside your back door and have immediate access to recreational activities as well as a beautiful view. From boating, kayaking, and other water sports to crabbing and fishing in the privacy of your own backyard, living on the bay offers the best of both worlds. Offering homeowners an unobstructed view of the water, without waves or tourists to take away from the natural beauty right in your backyard, bay lots are perfect for people looking to own a slice of paradise that’s truly theirs to appreciate.

When purchasing a bay front property for your custom home on LBI, it’s important to research what type of water rights you are purchasing with the lot. Make sure your plans can include a dock if boating is a priority for you and your family and that you will be able to access the water via walkways and docks. Also be sure to check any pre-existing retaining walls and pilings and be sure to discuss the land plan with your engineer and architect.

Living by the Ocean

An ocean front lot can present many issues and require more planning and construction expertise like that of our premier team here at Stonehenge. From designing an elevated home on pilings to reverse-living plans to accommodate views and decks, it’s important to have a close relationship with your builder and/or architect so that you can ensure the plans are to your preference, while also adhering to current building requirements. Ocean front lots are great for homeowners wishing to have immediate and convenient access to the sand and surf.

One thing to remember about both an ocean front or bay front property is that the lot size can be limited in terms of size and space and so it’s best to check with your landscape engineer, architect and/or builder so that your needs and specifications can be met with the location you consider to build your dream home on. Things like pools and outdoor living spaces should be planned before you begin construction on your new home, as well as included in your building plans. If the size of ocean and bay front properties are too limiting for your custom home on LBI, our team suggests considering lagoon front lots. Lagoon lots are similar to bay front lots, though homebuyers should keep in mind that anything that touches the water such as a dock would need to be approved by CAFRA, whose approval overrides local ordinances.

Building a custom home on LBI can is a great way to bring you and your family and friends together for for generations to come. Enjoy life in your new home in the picturesque landscape of Long Beach Island. Choose how you wish to experience life here on LBI by building on either an ocean, bay, or lagoon front lot by considering your family’s lifestyle and desired activities. Taking the benefits of each lot type into consideration when you choose the location to build your dream home can help ensure that you and your family can enjoy your custom home for years to come. Whether you’re ready to start construction on your custom home or need a little help deciding what’s best for you and your family, visit us at StonehengeBuilt.com or contact us to begin the process today.

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