5 Things to Consider When Looking for the Best Builder on LBI

the best builder on lbi

Whenever making any kind of large purchase, it’s important to know that you are making the best decision best on the information you have. Nothing is truer than when you are building a new custom home. There are many options from where to build, what to build, and who to build it. Once you decide that Long Beach Island is the place to build, and you have an idea about what style you want, the who to build it for you is sometimes the most difficult. As a long-time builder on Long Beach Island, we know the ins and outs of building of LBI new construction. Here are our top 5 things to consider when looking for the best builder on LBI.


This is the top reason our homeowners choose Stonehenge to build their new custom home, and quite honestly, we are always humbled by this. We always recommend to potential homebuilding clients to check with the townships along LBI, local attorneys and banks, read reviews on Google and other sites, and always check with previous homeowners before making a final decision when looking for the best builder on LBI. Our reputation is second to none when it comes to working with local municipalities. In addition, we have a long list of homeowner references with most recent testimonials on our website. We are also very proud to have earned a 4.9 average review on Google. Reputation is everything and should always be a top reason why you choose to do business with any company.


Not only is building in a coastal environment challenging, but it requires an expertise and experience that not many custom builders possess. Our seasoned team of construction experts has been building new custom homes on LBI for close to three decades. We have evolved our building methodologies and material preferences over the years to provide our homeowners with top-notch products specifically geared for building in coastal areas.  Our team will guide you in choosing the best products and materials for your home, in your location, with your goals in mind. With new materials and products becoming available, we are constantly on top of the most current trends and our homebuyers can have peace of mind that we can provide the latest technologies and materials in the construction of their new homes.


Knowing the towns that you are working in, and building relationships with the municipal and other professionals in those towns can be key to working through construction challenges. Having constructed hundreds of homes throughout the towns on Long Beach Island, Stonehenge has a stellar reputation with the towns and other construction professionals throughout the area. We are known for our attention to detail and thorough building processes. If you are considering a builder on LBI that is not experienced in the town you are planning to build in, we would recommend doing some research and finding one with the experience needed to successfully complete your home in a timely manner. This is very important, as there are builders out there that give low pricing and then take 3-4 years to complete the home.

Financial Stability

It’s one thing to be able to build a custom home, but it’s another to be able to build custom homes with the financial stability that almost 30 years of experience brings to the table. When looking for the best builder on LBI, be sure to consider the financial stability of the company you are doing business with. Check references like the Better Business Bureau for your builders rating. Talk to construction officials, architects, and other business professionals on the island, like realtors and contractors. If your builder is not financially stable, that could lead to delays in construction, or even an incomplete home later on down the line. Always do business with a builder that has a strong financial background, and your project will be on better footing right from the start.

Follow Up

Once your home is completed and you’ve closed there may be some “punch list” items that need to be taken care of in a timely manner. This is normal with new construction, and how your custom builder handles the follow up can make a huge difference. You want a company that cares, even after the ink is dried on the closing paperwork. The devil is in the details and if you need something taken care of, no matter how small it is, that can become a big problem if the follow up is not there. All our homeowners are treated as family, even after the closing. Our follow up procedures are 100% effective and leave our homeowners satisfied. There is no other part of the building process that will make you feel like you’ve made the right decision, than the follow up after your closing.

When it comes to choosing the best custom builder on LBI, Stonehenge consistently ranks at the top of the list. We encourage our prospective homebuyers to talk to everyone they can to learn more about our reputation, knowledge, experience, financial stability, and follow up. If you are looking to build a new custom home on LBI, we would love to help. Please visit our website to learn more about what our homeowners think and then give us a call at 609-978-6599 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to making your custom home dreams on Long Beach Island a reality.

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