An Important but Least Talked About Room in Your Custom Home on LBI

laundry room design for custom home on LBI

When it comes to building your custom home on LBI, we’ve seen room trends come and go over the years. For instance, contrasting cabinets are a huge trend for kitchens, and floating cabinets for vanities in baths are all the rage. Years ago, there were certain colors, finishes, and textures that were in demand, and now, it’s all changed. One room that we haven’t talked about but has seen so much improvement in trends and designs is the Laundry Room! When it comes to functionality, there’s no other room in your home that is designed more around function. In the past designing a functional laundry room really meant that it was not too trendy, it was very utilitarian, and usually quite boring. After all, it’s the place where you’re doing laundry, so it doesn’t have to be spectacular. Well, we have news for you – that’s ALL changed! The laundry room is an important but least talked about room in your custom home on LBI. And we’re about to break down all the latest trends.

Location, location, location

Typically, a laundry room is located somewhere between the garage or parking area and the kitchen. This was traditionally an ideal location because it created a buffer between the “dirty” stuff and the rest of the home. Coming in and out through the laundry room meant no dirty shoes on the carpet and dumping bags of shopping or other stuff (backpacks, sports bags, etc.) in a place that wouldn’t take away from the rest of the home. Lately, we’ve been asked to design our custom homes with the laundry room off the back of the home, with direct access to the deck where family and guests are accessing the outdoor spaces like patios and pools. This works beautifully for homes built on Long Beach Island because so much of how our families live involves the back yard entertainment areas. Coming in off the beach, or out of the pool and heading in through the laundry room gives you space to dump wet towels, sandy shoes, and provides a great place to wipe off the day without tracking it all through the house.

We give this trend two thumbs up!

Storage: This is Not a Drill

Homeowners always say you can never have enough storage. So, what better place to ramp up additional storage than the Laundry Room? Many of our homeowners are opting for wall-to-wall cabinets so that they can easily store pool supplies, as well as outdoor dining supplies. With easy access to the deck or back porch area, this is perfect for all the things you need to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, building lots of cabinets with dedicated cubbies in the laundry room is the perfect solution for stowing all the back packs, sports bags, outdoor shoes, and all the things that busy families need daily. We think wall-to-wall cabinets in the laundry room are the best way to include extra storage and provide a place for all the “outdoorsy” things that make enjoying your home’s outdoor spaces easy.

Extra, Extra!

There’s are quite a few trendy options we are seeing for laundry rooms that are convenient. As always, the laundry tub has become a staple as far as laundry rooms are concerned, and they are still at the top of the “must-have” list as far as our homeowners are concerned. But some new things are starting to take hold that are really quite clever and we hope to see more of. First, folding stations and drying racks have become the newest must-have additions to a fully functioning laundry room. Next, a few things for the furry friends are awesome additions. Doggie bathing stations are so convenient for taking care of even the most squeamish of pets. Not only are doggie bathing stations the new “it” thing, but also build in doggie kennels in the laundry room have become a great addition so that fido has their own place that is functional and fits into the décor of your home.

As you can see, the Laundry Room is sometimes an overlooked, yet important, area of your custom home on LBI. From storage and stowing to pet needs and functionality, it’s more than just a place to wash and dry your clothes. These days, the laundry room can be an important connection to your outdoor living and the best place for pet care, too! We are sure that our creative homeowners can come up with more creative ways to build out the laundry room to make life so much easier, more organized, and fun, all at the same time. Let us help you design and build the perfect custom home on Long Beach Island. Call us at 609-978-6599 or visit some of our project galleries for more inspiration.

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