Top Uses for an Outdoor Shower on Long Beach Island Custom Homes

Outdoor Shower on Long Beach Island Custom Homes

We’ve posted articles about why outdoor showers are a great feature for Long Beach Island custom homes, but we’ve got a few more reasons to include an outdoor shower. There’s no doubt that our homeowners are really creative! They are always coming up with new and innovative ways to incorporate everyday features into their home’s functionality. This article shares some additional uses for an outdoor shower on their Long Beach Island custom homes.  We think every homeowner should include this much-needed feature when designing their custom home on LBI.

Let’s Catch a Wave

Not only do outdoor showers do a great job of rinsing the sand off your body before you go inside after a great day on the beach, but by adding an exterior surfboard showering station to your outdoor shower area, it’s a natural place to wash off your surfboard before stowing it away. Sure, you could hose it off after you’ve changed out of your swimsuit, but having a separate station near your outdoor shower lets you clean up both yourself AND your surfboard all at the same time. No getting soaked after your already dressed, just shower off and rinse everything off, and you’re ready to get inside. Not only is it easier, having a dedicated surfboard showering station can be a time-saver, especially when you’re running late for a dinner reservation!

Fido Deserves Some Privacy

Instead of hosing off your dog out in the yard, an outdoor shower is a great place to give them a bath. By adding a hand-held shower head to your outdoor shower, you can easily make it double as a doggie-wash station. We know how much your dog loves to swim in the ocean (just as much as we do) or the bay, so when they come out and need a good rinsing, nothing is more convenient than to corral them into the outdoor shower to give them a bath. Having the hand-held shower head makes the task so much easier.

Quick Foot Rinse

Maybe you love the beach, but you’re not a fan of the water, and you’re more of a sun-bather. We get that. Nothing is nicer than soaking up the sun and staying warm on the sand. So, technically, the only part of your getting a little sandy is your feet and possibly legs. Trying to wipe that off with just a towel is a losing battle. So, before going inside you can use your outdoor shower with the hand-held shower head to give a quick rinse. Or, some of our homeowners have added special heads down low, just for the purpose of rinsing their feet off. You’ve seen these at public beaches, but now you can enjoy the convenience in the privacy of your own home!

These outdoor shower accessories are easy, inexpensive features that can be added to any outdoor shower area to increase functionality for any Long Beach Island custom home. Our team is ready to help you with the most innovative and useful features for your home. If you are thinking of building a new custom home on Long Beach Island and are looking for the best custom builder on LBI, you’ve found us! Learn more about building a custom home on LBI here, or visit our gallery of homes for inspiration.

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