Why Now is a Great Time to Build a Custom Home on Long Beach Island

Custom Home on Long Beach Island

Over our three decades of being one of the best custom home builders on LBI, we have seen the real estate market on the island change and adjust with economic factors. One of the things that makes this a unique place to own a home is that our trends are not usually affected by the overall state and national market trends. Property values and demand for homes are almost always strong on Long Beach Island. It’s always important to consult with your financial advisor before making any large purchase decisions, but we would like to share why now is a great time to build a custom home on Long Beach Island.

Enjoy Your New Home by Summer 2025

Building a custom home on LBI is a process that can take anywhere from eight to twelve months, depending on the property, type of home, and current building and materials conditions. While it’s a little late to enjoy your new custom home this summer, unless you are interested in a quick delivery home we have available, beginning the process now will ensure plenty of time for your home to be built to enjoy by next summer. Our team of custom home professionals can help locate the perfect property, design your dream home, and build it to your specifications. Already own a property and need help with demolition and construction? Not a problem, we can help with that, too! There’s really no way to go wrong by building a house on LBI now.

How to Know if You are Choosing the Right Long Beach Island Builder

There are several things we recommend to all homebuyers before choosing their builder. By doing research, contacting local resources, and talking to other homeowners on the island you will know if you are choosing the right Long Beach Island Builder. Researching reputations of local building companies and reading through reviews on Google and other platforms will help you learn more about doing business with the company. Talking to local town building departments, realtors, attorneys, and architects will give insight as to how their peers view the builders. Your builder should be happy to arrange walk-throughs and meetings with past homebuilding clients, so if they aren’t open to doing that, you might want to think twice. We are always happy to put our new potential building clients in touch with existing homeowners.

Availability of Existing Homes

This is a great time of year to look for available existing homes on LBI because spring is the best time for sellers. A lot of the homes for sale on the island have been handed down for generations. Many of them reach a time when the current generation cannot keep the property for a variety of reasons. These are the best types of homes to consider for demolition and rebuilding. Many of our homebuilding clients have acquired properties this way, and some of them are the current generation looking to rebuild for today’s family’s needs. Either way, we can work up a budget and price per square foot to build on LBI based on your specifications.

It’s never a bad time to start building your new custom home on Long Beach Island. Whatever your situation, we are the LBI custom builder that can help you achieve the home of your dreams. Whether you are using it for vacation and family get togethers, or plan on living full time on LBI, let us help you create a home that your family will enjoy for generations to come. Learn more about building a new custom home on Long Beach Island, or view our gallery of homes for more inspiration.

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