Building A House on LBI So the BBQs Never Have to End

With 4th of July weekend and all its celebrations behind us, it has our team at Stonehenge thinking about the next great barbecue. As a builder on LBI for nearly three decades, we know that just because summer is half over doesn’t mean the BBQs have to stop. We’ve rounded up our favorite custom home features that make hosting easy any time of year.

1. Indoor-Outdoor Living

    One thing we love about building custom homes on LBI is that we’re able to bring the outdoors in with features that extend your living space so you’re a part of the party even while you’re prepping dessert or clearing dishes away. Accordion patio doors that lead out to a spacious outdoor living area not only capture the natural beauty of Long Beach Island, but also make it easy to mingle with guests and allow you to host with ease. Breaking down the barriers between indoor and outdoor spaces with practical yet stylish doors and windows not only invites natural light into your home, but helps utilize the space better with an easy flow between the indoors and out. Patio or deck seating helps create a cozy atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy.

    2. Firepits & Outdoor Fireplaces

    Building a house on LBI wouldn’t be complete without someplace to gather around. A staple of American summers and fall, firepits and outdoor fireplaces aren’t just a place to roast marshmallows anymore. With premium selections like stone surrounds, these fire elements are a great addition that could be used for most of the year here on LBI. Not only would this extend your season into early spring and late fall, but firepits and fireplaces offer the ability keep to the festivities going into the night and provide an intimate ambiance to gather around.

    3. Chef-Worthy Kitchens

    Gourmet features aren’t just an indoor kitchen must-have anymore. Become a part of each celebration with the addition of a chef-worthy kitchen right on your patio. No more mopping up wet floors coming in and out from the pool or missing out on fun memories by being stuck inside preparing food or cleaning up dishes. Outdoor kitchens can offer all the same amenities and keep you in the moment while also tending to an outdoor pizza oven or grilling up tender steaks on a master chef grill.

    Make memories that will last a lifetime in your custom home on LBI with stunning outdoor features that will help you focus on what matters most. Host BBQs with ease thanks to indoor-outdoor elements like accordion patio doors that flow your living space seamlessly out to your patio or deck. Firepits and outdoor fireplaces provide the best place to gather around at the end of the day for s’mores and can extend your season on LBI through the fall. Gourmet outdoor kitchens give you the ability to host without missing a thing as you’ll be able to stay in the center of everything. Want to learn more about building a house on LBI? Visit us at to see how we can help make your custom home dreams a reality or contact us today to get started.

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