Spectacular Master Baths for Custom Homes on Long Beach Island

Walk in master bath showerSo, you’re building a new custom home and you want your master bathroom to be spectacular! Today’s bath design innovations and materials can make your master bathroom the oasis you crave for relaxation and serenity. They can also be surprisingly functional as well for today’s modern couples. There are many products that have become popular because they enhance functionality and enjoyment. If you are looking to design a spectacular master bath for your new custom home on Long Beach Island, here are some suggestions that will start your inspiration!

  • Showers are the today’s super heroes of master bathroom design. With many homebuyers opting to go with a large, walk-in shower and no tub, these large and luxurious showers can feature multiple sprays with controls, rain showers, and even music systems! Our walk-in showers features a 3/8” glass panel and no doors for a sleek, modern look that is also convenient, with less maintenance.
  • Vintage is back but in a modern way – you don’t have to live in an old home to enjoy at pedestal tub. Freestanding pedestal tubs (with or without the ball and claw!) have made a huge comeback and are featured as the focal point in many of the custom home master baths we build. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, but one thing is for sure, relaxation and comfort doesn’t get much better than a warm bath in a pedestal tub.
  • Technology for the bath – from digital showering with preset comfort levels for his and hers to music systems, speakers and TV’s in the mirrors, today’s technology feels right at home in today’s bathrooms!
  • Natural elements – soothing colors and wood-grain ceramic and porcelain tiles can make any bathroom feel warm and cozy. Finishes in champagne bronze and oil-rubbed bronze bring richness to your bath. Along with stone countertops and weathered wood vanities in grey tones like driftwood can make your new custom home feel like a seashore getaway, no matter where you build it.
  • Contemporary yet cozy – square sinks and integrated sinks that blend seamlessly into countertops atop frameless wood-tone cabinetry are just the right combination of modern design mixed with a beautiful warmth that contemporary has not achieved in the past.
  • Tile or marble – gone are the days when you need to spend thousands on marble tile in your bath to achieve the richness you crave. Inspired by the European tile makers, American tile manufacturers have been successfully offering the texture and patterns that the Spanish and Italian tiles are known for. Large sizes with smaller grout sizes are very hot AND affordable!
  • Don’t forget to finish it off – all natural décor make the perfect finishing touches to your new oasis of relaxation. Check out the readily available cotton linens and try some beeswax candles to set the mood. Glass countertops and bamboo accessories are perfect for creating a luxurious atmosphere.

Your master bathroom should be a place to retreat and relax after a day at the beach or boardwalk. We have built hundreds of custom homes on Long Beach Island and have experienced an increase in requests to customize many master bathrooms. Many of these products are readily available, but it’s always a good idea to check on timeframes for installation to be sure your selections work for your home. Stonehenge Building & Development will be happy to help you build the home of your dreams on Long Beach Island, or the main land. Contact us today to get started.

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