We Know What Dad Wants – Top Five Features Men Want in a New Custom Home

Custom home on LBI Top Five Features Men Want in a New Custom HomeWhen it comes to features in a new custom home on LBI, you would think men want totally different features than women. It’s hard to shake the typically male and female stereotypes of the kitchen being the “women’s space” and men caring only about the basement and garage. Believe it or not, there are more similarities between the two sexes in preferred new home features than you would think. Some of these may surprise you, but here are top five features men want in a new custom home.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Nothing says “DAD” more than a beautiful outdoor kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances and BBQ grill. Some of these can even be designed with brick ovens and rotisseries. In addition to the cooking and grilling, there’s nothing quite as nice as enjoying a summer evening telling stories around a fire pit. For those who are less about the wood and more about convenience, we can run natural gas lines to both the grill and fire-pits. Add in some comfortable living room style furniture, and you’ve got Dad’s favorite place outside the house!

modern kitchen in a new custom home Top Five Features Men Want in a New Custom HomeModern Kitchens

Don’t think that men don’t care about the kitchen, because that couldn’t be further from the truth! During color selection appointments with our design consultant, many men have decisive opinions about things like appliances, countertops, and even cabinets. From convenience features like pull-out cabinet drawers, wine chillers, and functional center islands with sinks and butcher block tops, men are feeling more at home in the kitchen than ever before!


Here’s where we get into the “nuts-and-bolts” of the house, the things you expect men to care about. Truthfully, our female homeowners care just as much, but this is where our Dads shine! From the HVAC systems to the appliances, energy efficiency is a top priority for Dads. Exterior materials like windows, doors, roofing and siding, as well as the insulation between the walls and floors can make or break a home’s efficiency. These are some the materials men find most important in a home.

Two-Car Garage with Organized Work Space & Storage

Yes, it’s true a garage represents everything that is manly. The beauty of the garage areas for custom homes on LBI is that with a home on pilings, the unfinished area below the living space of a home can become a vast space for everything from cars and sporting equipment, to work space. Although the space must remain unfinished due to flood insurance requirements, there are still many types of organizers, storage bins, and workbench kits that can turn this space into a cool storage or work area that is perfect for Dads who like to tinker with the cars, build stuff, or just have a completely organized storage area.

luxurious baths custom home lbi Top Five Features Men Want in a New Custom HomeSpacious Baths with Luxury Features

It’s true. Men like a luxurious bathroom just as much as the women they love. From walk-in, glass enclosed showers with multi-control faucets and fixtures to state-of-the-art sounds systems and television/media options for the bathroom, the sky is the limit on what Dad can have in his bathroom.

Man-cave Space

We like to think that some of the spaces we’ve already mentioned are great areas for man-caves, but nothing screams Dad more than a home theatre room with custom seating, an extra-large-screen TV, and a custom surround sound system. With the proper planning this room can be everyone’s favorite hide out. Adding a custom wet-bar with a wine and/or keg chiller and some cool sporting or movie related décor can complete the room for the big game day!

outdoor living spaces custom homes Top Five Features Men Want in a New Custom HomeAs you can see, Dad wants a lot of great features in his new custom home on LBI, and most of them are features the whole family will love. Stonehenge Building & Development has been helping homeowners design and build their dream homes on Long Beach Island for over 20 years and we can help you build yours too! If you are interested in more information on building a new custom home, please contact us today, or view our plans here.

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