Custom Home Features for Moms, Dads, & Grads!

custom bathroom long beach islandWith Mother’s Day behind us, graduations, & Father’s Day ahead of us, we thought we would celebrate all of these great occasions at the same time! We know these all-important people in your life deserve something special. So here are a few things we love for your new custom home, that moms, dads, and grads are sure to love too!

Does anyone in the family like to cook? Then these ideas are perfect for the cook in your life! There are always new gadgets or ways to improve the kitchen that will make your life in the kitchen easier. Like an island. Not only do they add valuable counter space, but they are also great for organizing and storage. So maybe think about designing your custom home with a large, functional center island with an additional oven, microwave, or wine chiller below and plenty of counter space above. Another kitchen feature that has become popular, and handy, is the pot filler faucet. This nifty faucet goes right above the kitchen stove and is installed into the backsplash, allowing you to fill your biggest pots right at the stove! Meaning no more hauling heavy pots from the sink to the stove to cook pasta or boil crabs, you can do it all in one easy step. Not only will a large kitchen island or a pot filler faucet make life easier, but it will also add elegance and a sense of modern comfort to your new custom kitchen.

Maybe mom or dad really likes to unwind in the bubble bath, then why not get add some luxury to the master bathroom? By adding features like wireless bluetooth speakers, or bath trays. Bluetooth speakers are a great feature because they link your music from your phone to speakers throughout the house with wifi and an easy to use app. The speakers are easy to install. Simply plug in the speaker, download the app, and crank up the tunes! This will give mom or dad a whole new way to relax in style and luxury. Bath trays are another little feature that add a touch of luxury to any master bath. Ranging in size and materials, these flat trays stretch from one side of the tub to the other and have places for mom to put her wine, her book, and even her phone or tablet. Plus, they make sure nothing can accidentally fall into the tub! They are great ways for your mom or dad to have everything they need to relax in their custom luxury master bath.

You might be thinking that you deserve something a little more extra than a new kitchen gadget or way to relax in the tub, maybe a space of your own in your new custom home. We already know Dad’s love a “Man-Cave”, but what about a “She-Cave” or “Lady-Cave”? These are one of the newest and hottest trends in custom homes. Basically, they are the lady version of the “Man-Cave” that can be a cozy place to read, practice yoga, or relax with meditation. So, when you are designing your new custom home, be sure to think about these types of rooms and spaces that anyone in the family can use for some down-time.

Family time means a lot to everyone, which is why it is important to take care of them and make sure to give them everything that they deserve all year long, whether that’s their own hide away or a new kitchen gadget, you know exactly what your family needs. Stonehenge Building & Development has been designing and building custom homes for families just like yours throughout Long Beach Island, and the main land. We would like to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a big congratulations if you have someone graduating this year! If you are looking to start your new custom home on LBI, be sure to start here by contacting us today!

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