Memorial Day Must Haves For Any Custom Home on Long Beach Island

Memorial Day Must Haves For Any Custom HomeMemorial Day is just around the corner! And for many people on Long Beach Island and in beach towns around New Jersey, that means summer is about to officially begin! Along with Memorial Day comes entertaining. In fact, you could think of Memorial Day as your inaugural summer bash, meaning you are going to want your guests to remember it and to keep wanting to come back. To do this here are the top five things that every custom home should have for entertaining outdoors.

A Patio or Deck. By having a patio or deck, your home will have a clear and designated outdoor space for entertaining. Either is great, and provides space for your sitting area, dining area, and grill or outdoor kitchen. Also by having a deck or patio, you won’t have your guests sitting in the grass all night, meaning the mosquitos will back off a bit. Also a patio or deck helps to continue your personal style from the inside to the outdoors.

Bringing the Inside Outside. When planning your outdoor space it’s important to keep to your personal style. This means that your sitting area should reflect the same style you have in your living room or family room. It should be comfortable, but still to your tastes. There are tons of outdoor furniture sets available in all sorts of styles from modern to country chic, and each will provide comfort for your guests. Plus in having some out the inside outdoors with you, you will have clear spaces that are meant for relaxing, eating, and cooking.

Dining area.  Summer is a great time for barbeques, especially Memorial Day barbeques, but you still want your guests to be comfortable, so why not have an outdoor eating area? Think about a long table that all of your guests can sit at, relax, and enjoy a meal, just as they would in your dining room. Not only does this provide comfort for your guests, but it also brings a sense of sophistication to your outdoor space, and once again helps bring your personal style to the outdoors.

Fire Pit. Fire pits are a great way to get cozy in the summer time. You can roast marshmallows and snuggle by the fire. They add a sense of relaxation to the ambiance on your outdoor space, and they can be fun! Plus they are a great way to keep the party going after the sun has gone down.

Something extra. This is a fun personal feature for you and your guests and family to enjoy. It can be anything from a hot tub or spa, to an outdoor pizza oven. The point is it is something that is a reflection of you and is something that will be fun for the whole family. It also can tie your space together by providing a distinctive feature or another area to your outdoor space. Plus it’s always a great idea to treat yourself!

With some or all of these outdoor living features you can not only have the best summer ever – you can extend the usability of your outdoor living space into the fall.  For more information on building a custom home on LBI, contact Stonehenge Building & Development today and enjoy next Memorial Day in your new custom home!

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