New Home Tech for Custom Homes on LBI

New Home Tech for Custom Homes on LBIThere is always something new and exciting in technology, and with a growing market and demand for techy homes, there is a constant stream of new gadgets. The concept of the “Smart House” isn’t new. For years science fiction explored new and futuristic innovations, and this gradually grew into popular culture. And though we may be far from the flying cars of Back to the Future and The Jetsons, there is still a whole slew of fun and cool new home tech for custom homes on LBI.

Amazon Echo is the latest in Amazon speaker assistant technology. This user friendly interface is Bluetooth capable and now has improved sound curtesy of Dolby. Plus, it still has the ever popular Alexa. Amazon Echo is a great way to integrate all of your household tech, from speakers to a Bluetooth capable TV. Echo is designed to read you the news, keep track of different lists, from grocery shopping to weekend projects, Amazon Echo can keep track of it all. It can also play all of your playlists, and set timers. Amazon even has a “little brother” in the Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Dot.

Samsung SmartThings is a smart tech hub. By using Wi-Fi it connects all of your gadgets to one central unit. It is compatible with lighting, cameras, voice assistants, security cameras, and so much more. It is a great way to keep all of your smart tech easily accessible in one place.

Curb is an energy monitor that helps you keep track of just how much energy you’re using. Not only does this help the environmentally conscious, but it also shows exactly how much you are spending on energy. This is a simple hub that hooks into your breaker, which allows it to provide real time data right to your smart phone. It can also send you notifications for whenever you’ve left a light.

Sonos is a speaker system that is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable. It even has a handy app that allows you to sync your music from iTunes, Spotify, or personal playlists in order for you to be able to play it anytime, anywhere. It is a convenient and fun way to control your music and you can even have multiple users connected to one speaker, each with their own playlists and music preferences.

Nest Thermostat E is a smart thermostat that turns the temperature down when your away, alerts you to any problems, and can be conveniently controlled through an app. Plus the Nest Thermostat E keeps track of your energy use, and gives energy reports through the app, so you know exactly how much energy you’re using. This is a great feature for those who are concerned with their energy footprint and the energy efficiency of their home. And even better, via the app, the Nest Thermostat E keeps track of things like your furnace and filters, meaning it lets you know when filters need to be replaced or if there’s a problem with your furnace. It is a great way to keep your home happy and warm, or cool depending on the season.

Water Timer is an app that monitors how much water you’re using and even calculates ways in which you can conserve water. All you have to do is download the app and the set the time to run while you’re in the shower, filling the tub, or watering the lawn, and the app calculates how much water you use. It is a great way to be more ecofriendly and save money.

Each year brings a whole new wave of smart house technology. So come back to us at Stonehenge Building and Development for the latest in smart house technology. And talk to us about how we can integrate some cool tech into your custom home.

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