2018 Custom Home Design Ideas that Inspire

2018 Custom Home Design Ideas that InspireNow that the colder weather has officially arrived, it’s time to think about NEXT summer!  But don’t think about it because you’re cold and it’s snowy outside while you long for the warmth of the summer sun.  Think about starting your new custom home on Long Beach Island.  Now is the time to start in order to enjoy your new custom home for next year.  There are many design trends for custom homes this year, so we wanted to share with you some of our favorite 2018 custom home design ideas that inspire.


Sleek, shiny, stainless steel appliances are still on trend for new custom homes, but adding more color to the kitchen ranks as a top design trend this year. Think about pops of color with backsplashes and even different color cabinets. We love when our customers use a different cabinet for the center island than the rest of the kitchen. The open concept of integrating the kitchen with the living space creates a functional, inviting space. Open concept is perfect for entertaining!

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Hardwood, bamboo, and reclaimed wood floors are continuing to inspire our design palette. Homeowners like the quality and low maintenance of hardwood and this is still the trend for 2018. Eco-friendly and nature-inspired materials are popular choices for our homeowners on LBI.  Recycled floors are a growing custom home trend with some homeowners opting for reclaimed wood floors. With a continued environmental focus homeowners are also choosing low VOC paints and stains for their living areas. As for colors,  rich, warm hues like warm grays paired with camel, rust, tobacco, and earthy reds and yellows are cutting edge for this year.


Creating an outdoor living space as an extension of the home continues to prove a strong design option. Take full advantage of the space you have and enhance it with decks, patios, and gathering areas. You can create focal areas with fire pits, water features and landscaping. Go “green” with your landscaping as well and plant gardens.

Sun-Rooms and Screened-In Porches

Nothing inspires more than a relaxing, sun-filled space like a sun-room or screened-in porch to bring the outside in. These spaces give you the perfect spot to soak in the sun, relax in the shade or entertain guests while still enjoying the views from your vacation home.

Exterior Facades

Exterior details can add an element of interest to the outside architectural design, and are particularly important when you have a small sized property.  The exterior design of the home is just as important as the inside and paying some extra attention to the outside elements like windows, trim, accents and roof line design will give your home a more personalized feel and curb appeal that is fitting to your neighborhood.

We hope you enjoyed our favorite 2018 custom home design ideas that inspire. Inspiring design is about what works for your family, as well as the setting and space your lot can afford for the home and all the exterior amenities that you desire.  From outside to inside, your new custom home on LBI should be a place of style, comfort and function.  As a long-time builder on Long Beach Island, Stonehenge Building & Development has constructed countless homes on the island and the main land for over two decades.  Our home plans can be modified to fit your needs and our construction experience in towns like Harvey Cedars, Loveladies, Brant Beach, Surf City, and Ship Bottom to name a few, enables us to take you through the process of building a custom home without the hassle of a learning curve.  If you are considering building a new custom home on LBI or a neighboring town, contact us today for more information.

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