Protect Our Water With Easy Things You Can Do Every Day

Protect Our Water on LBI

Long Beach Island is a haven for residents and tourists alike.  It is a beautiful natural resource unique to our area. Whether you own a custom home on LBI, or vacation here at a seasonal rental or hotel, conserving our natural resources ensures that generations to come can love and enjoy our beautiful beaches and bays. Protecting our natural resources is key to keeping them pristine for future generations. There are easy things you can do every day to protect our water and make a difference.  Here are some tips for protecting our beautiful ocean and bay.

Stormwater pollution is one of New Jersey’s greatest threats to clean and plentiful water. By sharing the responsibility and making small changes to daily life LBI homeowners can help protect our water. Thanks to we’ve compiled these great tips on how anyone enjoying LBI, whether for a day, a week, or for the long term can help keep our water clean.

Limit use of fertilizers and pesticides

Before you treat your lawn with fertilizers, have the soil tested to see if you even need it. This could alleviate the cost of applying chemicals you don’t actually need, as well as limiting the runoff into our waters. If you do need fertilizer, don’t apply it before a heavy rain, which will cause runoff and waste the product. Pesticides can be just as harmful as fertilizers, so look for alternatives like natural products to use instead of chemicals. And for both, be sure you properly store and discard any unused portions.

Properly use and dispose of hazardous products

Hazardous household products include commonly used chemicals such as cleaning products, motor oil, antifreeze, and paints. Never pour these down a storm drain because they will end up in a local body of water. Check with your town’s department of public works for how to properly dispose of, or recycle, these products.

Keep pollution out of storm drains

Storm drains that empty into the local bodies of water are marked in every township in New Jersey. Don’t let litter or debris flow into a stormwater system.

Clean up after pets

Many towns require pet owners to clean up pet waste and properly dispose of it. Never leave it where it’s dropped or discard pet waste in a storm drain. Know and understand your town’s requirements, as you could face fines (or neighborhood justice) if you don’t!

Other ways to protect our water

  • Believe it or not, feeding the wildlife (like ducks) in public areas can be against municipal rules. Obviously, don’t litter. Always throw your trash into proper receptacles and recycle where available. It’s very sad to see the beach after the crowds have left for the day and trash is everywhere. Don’t be that person or group!
  • Dispose of your yard waste properly. Keep leaves and grass out of storm drains. Instruct your landscapers to blow the cut grass back onto your lawn, not in the street.
  • Compost your grass and leaves, or use a mulching mower that recycles the grass clippings into your lawn.

We love life on Long Beach Island and are always looking for ways to keep it as pristine and beautiful as we can. While we continue to build custom homes on LBI, it’s always our mission to make sure we do our part to help keep our waterways clean and healthy. For more information on building a custom home on LBI, contact us today!


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