New Trends for a New Year of Custom Homes on LBI

New Trends for a New Year of Custom Homes on LBI

With the new year just around the corner, we’d like to round up some of the new design trends we expect to see as an LBI custom builder. Building a house on LBI is a truly unique experience for each of our homebuyers, and at Stonehenge Building & Development, we take pride in each custom home on LBI we build and design. Here’s to the new trends for a new year of custom homes on LBI!

Bringing the Outside In

As a Long Beach Island builder with more than two decades of experience building custom homes in this slice of paradise nestled along the Jersey shore, we know a thing or two about bringing the best of both worlds together for our homebuyers to enjoy. From indoor-outdoor living spaces to bringing the great outdoors in, we can easily use natural and organic color palettes to soothe the soul. By incorporating soft shades of greens, blues, and floral motifs, we can create a harmonious environment that lets you relax in the best of nature’s splendor no matter the time of year. For 2022, we expect to see indoor conservatories to host plant life and pops of natural color as well as warm wood tones to tie everything together. Even if you don’t have much a green thumb, nature patterns are a great way to bring the outside in through wallpaper, throw pillows, and other design accents. In doing so, your home becomes an extension of the beautiful scenery around you — and as an LBI builder we can honestly say there’s no place more scenic or inspiring than Long Beach Island.

A Feast for the Senses

While years previous have seen a trend in minimalism, 2022 seems to be gravitating toward more personal touches and even maximalist trends. From artwork to antique furniture to rugs and personal expression through pictures and design preference, 2022 encourages people to design their home around themselves and their tastes, as well as their wellbeing. We expect our custom homes on LBI to explore organic or curvy edges in terms of furnishings and other design elements to help soften your surroundings. Round shapes are perfect for instilling a balanced and tranquil atmosphere, along with softer furniture that is comfortable without being oversized or dominating a particular space. Natural light and even elements of scent such as using diffusers can help set the mood for any space. From calming lavender to help relax after a long day or bright orange blossom to invoke an easy energy, scents can be used in a variety of ways to uplift and tie a space together. Black accents are also becoming more popular because of their ability to match different color palettes. From hardware to light fixtures to window trim, black accents are a versatile option that allow flexibility for the future of design.

Functionality is Key

While many of the homes we design follow an open concept, we expect to see more defined spaces in the coming year in either open or divided floor plans. To do this, we expect to plan out every aspect of a space to ensure its functionality suits the needs of our custom home buyers. LBI new construction homes typically offer what is known as a reverse floor plan, which means that living spaces are on the first level and bedrooms are on the second level with a bonus space serving as the ground level. Furniture and storage elements that can serve multiple purposes offer a huge advantage when planning a space. We also expect people to look for antique furniture due to its availability and sturdier quality compared to other furniture options on the marketplace. In kitchens, we expect a combination of upper cabinets and decorative shelving rather than open shelving to make an impact in the functionality of a kitchen by expanding storage and allowing homeowners to utilize the space to its full potential — and hide any disorganization or clutter after a busy day of meal prepping. Moving forward, it’s important that our homes and the spaces within can evolve with us as life changes and our needs adapt to life, making the function of our homes of key importance to us when designing.

As a long-time builder on Long Beach Island, Stonehenge Building & Development has constructed countless homes on the island and the mainland for over two decades. We can provide home plans or build from yours. Our construction experience in towns along LBI like Harvey Cedars, Loveladies, Brant Beach, Surf City, and Ship Bottom to name a few, enables us to take you through every step of the custom home building process without the hassle of a learning curve. If you are considering building a new custom home on LBI or a neighboring town, contact us today for more information.   

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