Coming Down the Chimney: Fireplaces for Custom Homes on LBI

Even though the weather outside has been pretty mild so far, we know winters in New Jersey can be unpredictable. There’s no cozier way to beat the winter blues than with the addition of a fireplace to your LBI new construction! As a builder on Long Beach Island for many years, Stonehenge Building & Development knows there are a lot of ways to incorporate this popular heartwarming feature into your dream home. With choices between gas or wood burning, linear or traditional, there’s more to fireplaces than sitting by a delightful fire with no place to go. Let us help you choose the perfect fireplace for your custom home by breaking down the options:

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Linear Fireplaces

Modern, sleek, and contemporary in style, linear fireplaces have become a popular choice for many of our new custom homes on LBI. Our homebuyers who lean toward more modern design preferences love linear fireplaces not only because of their sleek design, but because they come in a variety of styles and options. With the ability to choose between gas or electric, linear fireplaces also offer a see-through option without a traditional hearth to encroach on the floor space of any room you wish to warm. Flush with the wall, linear fireplaces offer homeowners the ability to achieve the look and ambiance they desire in their custom home.

Traditional Fireplaces

Fireplaces for Custom Homes on LBI

There’s something about the crackling of a wood-burning fireplace that continues to appeal to people today. Just as popular with our custom homebuyers as linear fireplaces, traditional fireplaces are another beautiful feature to incorporate into your custom home on LBI. With the option of wood-burning, gas, or electric, traditional fireplaces can still tie a room together through a raised or flush hearth, decorative mantel to complete the look, and matching the material of the fireplace surround to the rest of your décor. Traditional fireplaces offer a cozy aesthetic to any atmosphere and are the perfect choice for people looking for a more traditional design to their home.

Whether you choose a linear or traditional fireplace, there are many options and materials to choose from in order to achieve the exact look you’re going for in a particular space. Fireplaces not only provide comfort and ambiance to whatever room you choose, they also keep you nice and warm all year long!

Stonehenge Building & Development provides buyers with all the latest in materials and products for building their new custom homes on LBI. Our in-house design consultant walks our buyers through the entire selections process to design the home of their dreams, right down to the finer details of a home such as the placement or look of a fireplace. For more information about building a custom home on LBI, please call 609-978-6599, visit us at, or contact us today.

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