An LBI Custom Builder’s Favorite Outdoor Features

LBI Custom Builder’s Favorite Outdoor Features

As a new home builder on LBI for nearly three decades, Stonehenge Building & Development strives to give our homeowners the best of Long Beach Island living in their custom homes. From stunning interior design to the little touches that make a custom house a home, we have to say that outdoor spaces are some of our favorite parts of building a home. Living on LBI is about getting to experience the best of both worlds: indoor and outdoor living. That means we get to create some pretty awesome outdoor spaces to help extend your season on LBI. We also utilize every inch of living space possible to maximize the livability of even the smallest lot. So. here’s to some of our favorite features that bring the inside out:

Patios and Decks

Picture a set of beautiful accordion doors that fold open to reveal a spacious deck or patio space complete with a cozy seating area, an outdoor kitchen, and maybe even a firepit. It sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? Not only does this scenario extend your inside space into the outdoors, but it also gives you the option to let in the fresh sea breeze that way coming home doesn’t feel like you’re leaving that relaxing beach atmosphere behind. Having a space that can flow between inside and outside also helps provide options and more space while hosting friends and family in your LBI custom home. With an outdoor kitchen or seating area, you don’t have to miss the fun by being stuck inside making preparations for your guests, and can instead do everything from your patio or deck while still being part of the party!

Gunnite Pools and Spa Areas

Gunnite pools are another great way to utilize your outdoor space. Because of LBI’s history, many of the lots can be considered narrow, allowing for only a small pool. Gunnite pools, however, are the exception. A combination of cement, sand, and water that is applied through a pressurized hose, Gunnite pools are harder than concrete once completely dry, but the best part about this material is that it can take on any size or shape you desire. This versatility allows you to enjoy an in-ground pool without the traditional constraints of other pool materials. Outdoor spas are also a great way to enjoy outdoor living on LBI. With the option of a “staycation” or hitting one of our many picturesque beaches and communities, creating a spa or pool space for your home gives you the flexibility to enjoy your time on the Island however you wish to.

Outdoor Showers

The option of an outdoor shower for rinsing off the day at the beach is an absolute beach-living must. A common feature seen in LBI new construction homes, outdoor showers help keep the parts of the outside that you don’t want to track inside your custom home outside! There’s nothing worse than having to clean sand out of your shower or tub, or sandy footprints from your floors after such a fun day at the beach. The best solution is to incorporate an outdoor shower so you can easily rinse off before heading in for the day or enjoying a round of s’mores from the comfort of your own patio firepit.

There are so many ways to incorporate outdoor living with your LBI custom home vision. From decks and patios to pools or spas and other outdoor amenities, there’s few limits as to what we can do to help use every bit of space available to you. Building a house on LBI is a journey, and at Stonehenge Building & Development, we help guide our homeowners through every step of the process from design through construction and interior design, right through until the finishing touches. If you’re looking to get started on your LBI custom home, contact us today or visit to see some of our favorite homes.

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