Custom Homes on LBI Are in Full Bloom!

Custom Homes on LBI Are in Full Bloom

Every year, we break down the current trends and how to incorporate them into your custom home on LBI. With spring just around the corner, we’d like to talk about “bringing the outside in” and what it could mean for your custom home. From organic textiles and materials to versatile plants, there’s so many ways to bring the outside into your space without the need for a green thumb. Read on to learn how custom homes on LBI are in full bloom this season!

One way to incorporate natural elements into your home is through the materials, patterns, and textiles used in your design. From organic or softer edges for furniture choices like round or oblong tables and comfortable couches that don’t have a lot of angles, pieces with a more organic appearance are a subtle way to bring the comfort of the outdoors to the interior of your custom home on LBI. Another great and easy way to bring the outside in, is to incorporate large, picturesque windows! As a Long Beach Islander builder for over two decades, windows are our favorite feature of any home. LBI has so many wonderful views, that it makes living here feel like paradise, and that’s something we always maximize when we build our custom homes. Not only will large windows allow you to view the sunset, but they allow natural light to fill your home with warmth and comfort!

As far as 2022 style trends go, incorporating plant life into your home is not only a great way to bring a piece of the outdoors in, but some household plants can improve the overall health of your home too. Succulents are low-maintenance plants that helps purify the air circulating in your home, however it’s best to keep them out of reach of pets as many are considered toxic to cats and dogs. An alternative way to incorporate plants into your space is through design. Using fabrics or prints with subtle plant motifs in your design can help bring reminders of the outside in and help create a cozy space to relax in.

With so many ways the world pulls us in different directions every day, having a soothing space to come home to is key. As we’ve seen from our style trend research these last few years, bringing the outside in is an incredible help in creating a relaxing atmosphere for your home. Building a custom homes on LBI is already like owning a slice of paradise, and there’s no better way to embrace that than to bring a bit of the island inside with your design choices. Turn your dreams into a reality by visiting or by contacting us today to get started on your LBI new home.

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