Loving LBI this Summer? Choose the Best Custom Builder on LBI So You Can Stay All Year!

Best Custom Builder on LBI

Every summer we get to meet people who fall in love with LBI. They vacation here, rent a home for the week, month, or season, and learn the secret we all know. Long Beach Island is one of the greatest places to be in New Jersey. But we would like to declare that not only is it great all summer, but every season is special here on LBI. We can almost bet on the fact that a good percentage of families that play here in the summer end up staying forever! We love when that happens, and we would like to help you choose the best custom builder on LBI so you can stay all year!

Choose Your Best Custom Builder on LBI Wisely

Selecting your builder is the number one, most important part of designing and building your new custom home. One of the most important things to look for in LBI new home builders are reputation. Without a doubt, especially on LBI, there are a lot of builders. Some of them are established, long-time companies that are invested in the community, known by the townships they build in, and can provide references. Others can be operations that have no ties to the area, or no experience in coastal building or the townships here on the island, which can make your build difficult.

Research Every Aspect of the Company

Be sure to research all the LBI new home builders you are considering thoroughly. Read online reviews, check with the township you want to build in, and talk to architects about your choices. You can also check a builder’s status with the Better Business Bureau, local attorneys, and banks. This decision can make or break your LBI new construction home building experience. Checking references and research will help make sure you choose the best custom builder on LBI for your home.

References & Testimonials

Any builder you are considering should readily provide you with a list of current homeowners for reference. Our homebuilding clients are more than just that – they become part of our family and many of them have shared their building experience to post to our website. In addition, we are happy to have you ride by homes that are complete so that you can see the quality of materials and construction. We are so proud of the work we do as a builder on LBI and are not afraid to show it! Feel free view our current projects or completed project portfolio on our website. Stonehenge has been a part of the Long Beach Island Building community for over two decades. You can read more about our company here. Our team is waiting to help you make the right choices for your new custom home on LBI. If you are thinking of building a home on Long Beach Island, our offices in Harvey Cedars or Manahawkin are ready to help! Feel free to contact us for more infor

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