What it Means to Build Custom Homes on Long Beach Island

What it Means to Build Custom Homes on Long Beach Island

Anyone looking for a new custom home would think that when we talk about building custom homes on LBI, it’s pretty straightforward, right? Guess again! There are so many misinterpretations about what custom means. There are a lot of builders that claim to be “custom” builders, but are the homes truly custom? We are here to set the record straight on what it means to build custom homes on Long Beach Island.

Many builders start with predetermined plans from a book of standard architecturals they have developed. Buyers are allowed to personalize the home by moving, adding, or deleting walls, or opening rooms up a bit. This is not what we consider custom. When we build a custom home for our buyers, each home is 100% unique to that buyer. Sometimes they come with architectural plans to build, and other times, we are creating the plans for our buyers based on their lot size, family needs, and budget. There is a definite difference between these two processes. One is a standard plan personalized for the buyer, and the other is a custom home designed for a particular buyer.

Building a custom home can have a lot of variables. We have buyers that come to us with very specific ideas about what they want to see in their homes. Each buyer is unique and we are always excited at the prospect of a new build. No two homes by Stonehenge are every the same. Our buyers can make selections from a variety of products, manufacturers, and product lines. Really, the only limitation in building a custom home is the budget! If your builder is sending you to a standard showroom and asking you to pick from standard materials, then chances are, you are not building a true custom home.

One of our favorite custom items we have included in the past were stained glass windows. Another favorite custom addition to a few recent builds have been custom sized and shaped gunnite pools. Last year we wrote an article about gunnite pools, you can read it here. In addition, custom cast sinks for powder rooms, and uber high-end materials for kitchens and baths are among some of our favorite custom items we’ve worked with our buyers to create.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a standard home design plan and personalizing it for your family’s needs and tastes. As a true custom home builder we wanted to share what it means to build custom homes on Long Beach Island. If you are interested in learning more about building a custom home on LBI, please contact us today.


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