LBI Spotlight: Beach Haven

Beach Haven, NJ is a gem amongst New Jersey’s treasured Long Beach Island communities, ranking amongst the most scenic nautical towns and also a booming arts and entertainment mecca that make it the perfect place for families, retirees, and couples to build their new custom home. Rich with history, this one-squared mile haven nestled in southern LBI boasts bay access, a thriving downtown chock full of restaurants, shops, and activities; as well as breathtaking, guarded beaches that make up the close-knit hometown.

Officially incorporated in November 1890, the Queen City, dubbed so for its turn of the century charm, was originally established by wealthy Philadelphians who made Beach Haven their summer home-away-from-home. While much of the main structures from this period and after are no longer standing, Beach Haven retains its Victorian and Edwardian characteristics, adding to the appeal of this modern-day paradise on LBI that continues to host a multitude of year-round activities, including festivals like the Chowderfest or Fall Fest, access to pickleball and tennis courts, and pristine beaches for fishing or relaxation.

We love building new custom homes in Beach Haven because families with members of all ages have an array of activities and venues for entertainment. The Queen City offers dedicated bike lanes that many residents and visitors use as a means of daily transportation, as well as their boats, whether it’s getting ice-cream or taking a trip to the day spa. Historical sites such as the award-winning Surflight Theatre, the Maritime Museum, Beach Haven’s historic public library, and the LBI Historical Museum are also open to visitors looking to soak up some of the area’s alluring history. Children can also find their home in Beach Haven with access to t-ball and tennis programs, as well as surfing lessons, volleyball, and soccer or lacrosse camps, or a with a trip to the town’s mini-golf course. With an amusement park, waterpark, and a 19th century-style shopping strip called Bay Village, the Queen City has something for everyone to enjoy.

Beach Haven welcomes locals and visitors alike with the comforts of home, whether you’re looking for a custom home opportunity or just passing through, with their charming hometown spirit and things to whet the appetite of people across all ages.

If you’re ready to build your new custom home on LBI, we can get you in for summer 2021. Contact us today to learn more about getting started.


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